Mimosas anyone? Birmingham City Council approves early Sunday alcohol sales

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What is bill SB384? It passed on March 26, and  Governor Kay Ivey signed it. This bill simply allowed the Birmingham City Council to determine whether or not to allow on-premise alcohol sales in Birmingham starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

Previous to the determination alcohol could not be served or sold between 2:00 am and noon Sundays. They unanimously agreed to go forward with the earlier time.

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Hold up though! Wait before you raise that last late-night (or rather, early morning) glass in a toast. The mayor still has to sign the ordinance and then in like something straight out of 1895...it has to be advertised in the newspaper.

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Mimosas before noon!

It is likely the mayor will sign it!

Business leaders, restaurant owners, brunch-goers all over the city must be excited. This will surely add revenue to the city coffers and money in the till at local restaurants and bars. Now there is no reason to wait until noon to brunch!

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This ordinance relates to Birmingham only…not the suburbs. The bill doesn’t allow for off-premise alcohol sales. People won’t be able to pop out to the local package or liquor store to shop until noon on Sundays.

A copy of the ordinance:1*mF6PccZRNni5Y6NkN8aBzg Mimosas anyone? Birmingham City Council approves early Sunday alcohol sales

What do you think about this ordinance? Better yet, what are your favorite Birmingham brunch spots?

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