Birmingham one of 14 US cities to host Navy Week, April 9-15

The Navy is coming to Birmingham!
Navy Week
Birmingham one of 14 US cities to host Navy Week.

From Springfield to Sacramento to Bossier City and to Birmingham, America’s Navy will sail into 14 cities across the US, Apr. 9-15 as part of the Navy Week outreach program.

Want to learn more about the Navy? Here’s your chance! Want to honor and support our armed forces and hear more about our national security? Now’s your opportunity!

The Navy discovers Birmingham!

Since 2005, the Navy Week program has served as the main way this branch of the service has reached out to parts of the country that don’t have a strong Navy presence.

The program is designed to help Americans understand that their Navy is deployed around the world, around the clock, ready to defend America at all times.

Birmingham and 13 other US cities were chosen for a variety of reasons including: Navy knowledge and awareness, Navy recruiting data, demographic information and namesake ties of ships and submarines.

In fact, sailors who are assigned to the USS Alabama will be some of the star visitors to Birmingham!

Navy Week
Birmingham one of 14 US cities to host Navy Week, April 9-15. Via: US Navy Outreach

“Navy Weeks allow us to showcase the sons and daughters of America who serve in today’s Navy. We focus on sharing in communities across the U.S. who often have little to no contact with Sailors,” said Cmdr. Linda Rojas, NAVCO’s director.

“We’ve found that these exchanges have gone a long way for raising awareness of the Navy and establishing and maintaining relationships with the people we serve.” Rojas.



Navy sailors will converge on the Magic City from all over the country to take part in exciting activities; meetings, educational sessions, demonstrations and entertainment.

Have you ever heard a Navy band? They are true artists and musicians at the same time as being American armed service members…a really inspiring group.

Navy week

Curious about skydiving, explosives, robotics, virtual simulators and Navy bands? Head to Railroad Park and the McWane Center to take part in this educational, patriotic, fun and thrilling way to meet our Navy up close.

Image result for Blue Angels show Tuscaloosa
Photo: Tuscaloosa Hyundai.

Birmingham Navy Week, Apr. 9-15, 2018, will coincide with the Blue Angels air show in Tuscaloosa

The Navy plans to include the following elements in the week-long celebration:

– Sailors assigned to the city’s namesake ship, USS Alabama

– Navy Divers and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams

– U.S. Navy Parachute Team “The Leap Frogs”

– Navy Band performances

– Sailors from USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat

– Navy Medicine personnel

– The Navy’s new virtual reality simulator

Navy Week

For a schedule of specific times, check out the Navy Week website for more detailed information. 

Events will be at Railroad Park and the McWane Science Center. 

Birmingham is such a welcoming city. We are proud of where we are headed and love to have visitors discover our magic.

Being chosen as one of 14 US cities is another opportunity to show off our town while honoring the US Navy. Plan to come out and show your support! 

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