Birmingham’s new champion; local man wins national golf competition

Chris Osborne

Birmingham has another champion to call our own. Chris Osborne won 2 out of 3 divisions in the Amputee Long Drive Championship.

In July 2004, Chris Osborne, then a television news reporter for ABC 33/40, in Birmingham, was riding his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle, when he was involved in a hit and run accident. As a result of the accident Osborne underwent a left transfemoral amputation at UAB.

After a brief one week stint as an inpatient at UAB, Osborne underwent five months of grueling physical therapy and outpatient rehabilitation. Due to his active lifestyle and great physical fitness he was fitted with a C-leg, which at the time was state of the art prosthetic technology, rarely given to new amputees.

You might remember his story being aired back then. Because of his high-profile job as an on air journalist, his accident and recovery became a story that many people followed. Chris says his viewers, the community, his family and friends were extremely supportive, and he was able to encourage other accident victims.

Double Birmingham's new champion; local man wins national golf competition

His love of playing golf never diminished. He has played since he was just 12 years old. He plays up to three times a week. Chris believes since his accident his game has only gotten better. He has to pay much more attention to posture, balance and hand eye coordination. That focus has paid off!


In 2010 Osborne started playing in amputee association golf tournaments. He began seriously competing in 2013.  Last week, Chris Osborne won two of three divisions in the Amputee Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, Nevada.

Mesquite, NV course. Photo: Chris Osborne

During the March 7-8 event, Osborne successfully hung on to his Above Knee Amputee World Title with a 319-yard drive. That drive allowed him to take back the National Title he had lost a few years ago, it also resulted in a first place showing in the age 40+ division and defended his World Record for above the knee amputees.

“It’s an honor to represent this great city that I’ve called home for nearly two decades. I hope this championship and my story inspires people to trust God, fight through adversity and let your light shine!” Chris Osborne.

Chris Osborne

Chris is the Public Relations Manager for the Jefferson County Department of Health in Birmingham. He and his wife Tiffany have an eight-year old son William Jr. and seven-year old daughter, Olivia Grace. All the Osbornes play golf!


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