Bham’s best new restaurants and bars that opened in 2017 according to 5 Bham Nowers

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Check out that view! I know where I’ll be tonight (Via Moonshine’s Twitter)

Looking to try something new? Don’t worry, Bham Now’s got you covered.  See our favorite new restaurants and bars from 2017!

Jennifer Daniel

#1 Avondale Common House. When Avondale Common House and Distillery opened I was still very pregnant and craving red meat almost every time I went out to eat. Iron, please! The burger at ACHD did it for me. The smoked mayo slathered all over the half-pound monstrosity makes it one of Birmingham’s memorable bites. Add bacon and cheddar to it if you are a professional (like me).You know what else? Get their McEwen and Son cheese grits as your side. Perfect pregnant lady splurge meal. The staff is super friendly but not bothersome, and inside it’s cozy, with a local diner feel. Think southern favorites with eclectic twists, a great patio and fun cocktails via Avondale Beer & Spirits.The photographer over at StyleBlueprint really does it justice!

Birmingham, restaurants
Via StyleBlueprint

#2 Bird’s Pizza. One more pregnancy nomination for you, Birmingham. After I had my sweet little hedgehog at UAB Women’s and Children Center, all I wanted was pizza. Turns out, having a kid really makes you hungry (among many, many other things). When the huz returned with Bird’s pizza I was impressed. Thin, chewy oven-fired crust and heavy on the toppings. I hear they are open late night, for all you Lakeview party people. They use Graffeo Brothers Italian Sausage, too, a delicious local touch from a family that’s been in business since 1906.

#3 Moonshine. Moonshine, the rooftop bar at the Elyton hotel is the spot for a sunset cocktail with a spectacular view of Birmingham. Right now I’m into their Butternut Squash Salad with Manchego cheese and a brown butter vinaigrette. Talk about spot on. Making your way through the crowded bar is a part of the fun, as Moonshine is all about the view and the vibes. A first-date must if you’re going for the wow factor.

Pat Byington

#3 Mason Dixon. When your wife and father-in-law both have gluten-free diets, it’s nearly impossible to find a restaurant the entire family can enjoy.  My prayers were answered in the fall of 2017 when Mason Dixon, a gluten-free bakery and restaurant opened in Homewood’s up and coming Edgewood neighborhood. They say gluten-free food is tasteless. Well, they haven’t eaten at Mason Dixon. The food is simply fantastic. My entire family eats there regularly now, and the place has almost made me a gluten -free disciple.
Birmingham, restaurants
Via the Market at Pepper Place

#2 Rougaroux I’ve got a cousin who is a gumbo expert.  When I say expert, he travels to Louisiana regularly and all he does there is eat gumbo and gable.  If he could, he would eat gumbo everyday, but it has got to be legit gumbo with the right rue and heat.  When I took him in November to the newly opened Rougaroux in Forest Park, he was in heaven.  He declared, he may never need to go back to New Orleans again for gumbo.  To top it off the shrimp po’boy was one of the best he ever had.  All that is missing is the gambling.  Is that a casino they are opening in the old V. Richards store across from Rougaroux?

Birmingham, restaurants
Get yo po’boys @ Rougaroux (via Hunter Holland)
#1 Urban Standard I know Urban Standard is not a new restaurant or bar, but it did rise from the proverbial ashes, back to its old self after a January 2017 fire.  After four months, Urban Standard was re-opened in April. The legendary coffeehouse didn’t miss a beat. Thanks to fellow local coffeehouses like Lucy’s and Crestwood who cobbled together monies to help support the Urban Standard employees who were temporarily out of work, Birmingham discovered how all these local shop are truly the lifeblood of our community.
Wade Cline

Although the first 2 did not open in 2017, these are his favs and just could not help, but share his opinion of them!

#3 Fancy’s on Fifth encapsulates the essence of Birmingham. From the moment you walk in, to trying to pick the local draft you want, to trying to decide between oysters, fish, or a burger, the whole experience is enjoyable. It’s all about local here, and Fancy’s is in a league of its own. 

#2 Red Lion Lounge is one of those places that you’ve probably never heard of, unless your above the age of 50. Literally the definition of a hole in the wall bar. Since going there as a Senior in college, I wouldn’t go anywhere else to chill, buy an $8 pitcher of the finest bud light, and have hours worth of conversation with my closest friends. Don’t be intimidated if you’re the youngest one there, the regulars will be happy to hang out with you!
Birmingham, restaurants
Look at that mural! (Via Wade Cline)

#1 EastWest on 2nd Ave. North, is one for the books, in Birmingham. The owner, Colby Conklin, placed his roots deep in the Bham foodie scene early on with Chucks Fish and Five. EastWest is unique with every dish, and not to mention the mural above the bar is one for the Bham murals books!

Cindy Martin
Favorite new bar: Moonshine/Elyton Rooftop
We had a Bham Now team get together on Elyton’s rooftop this fall.  I love the modern but not stuffy feel.  The decor is Restoration Hardware-like – fresh, minimalist and open.  The city views of Birmingham and sky views are unmatched.  And the service was really good too.
Birmingham, restaurants
Check out that view! I know where I’ll be tonight (Via Moonshine’s Twitter)
 Favorite restaurant: Rougaroux 
I live in Forest Park so I had to try Rougaroux.  It is in a sweet little house with ample parking in the heart of Forest Park’s ‘tiny downtown’.  If I had walked,  I wouldn’t even need the parking, right?  I ordered the fried oyster poboy and oh-boy! I wasn’t disappointed.   When you first see their poboys, you think  ’That’s huge.  I’ll never be able to eat the whole thing’.  But, the bread is so fresh and so soft that it almost melts in your mouth.  I’ll be back.
Madeline Ingram

#3 Pizitz Food Hall If you haven’t been to Bham’s new food hall you aren’t doing it right (and you need to get out more).  Home to 16 unique cultural culinary experiences, you really can get just about anything at the Pizitz. My favorites are Alabama Biscuit Co. and Waffle Works.

#2 Big Spoon Creamery.  When I have friends in town, I almost always take them to Avondale to have a sushi burrito at Wasabi Juan’s and then a big scoop of one of Big Spoon’s delicious ice cream flavors.  You really can taste the difference that their fresh ingredients make in their unique flavors.  Plus the fun atmosphere, twinkly lights, and cute red bandanas.  Whether you’re just in the mood for one scoop, a milkshake, or a whole pint, I HIGHLY recommend this place. Try their seasonal flavors like basil, cara cara cream, or peppermint stracciatella. I also love their peanut butter caramel or cookies and cream.

#1 Hero Doughnuts.  My mouth watered for a solid 3 months until I dragged one of my friends with me a few weeks back.  Let me just say-I was skeptical that Birmignham needed another doughnut shop until I had my first bite of their super crunch chicken sandwich followed by a bite of one of the fluffiest brioche glazed doughnuts to ever grace my lips. I want to go back just to listen to their fun music and try every single flavor on the menu.  Anyone wanna join? hmu.

What are your favorite new restaurants? Let us know!
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Madeline Ingram
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