“East West”, newest asian inspired restaurant, hits downtown Birmingham

Following his roots, Colby Conklin says beginning his own restaurant in Birmingham just makes sense.

The experience he possesses in restaurant management, being a partner at Chuck’s Fish and heavily involved with the restaurant Five operations, certainly proves his ability.

East West Birmingham
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Colby Conklin – Owner

Growing up in Birmingham, Colby went to Oak Mountain high school where he then went onto Montevallo. Graduating with a business management degree, he always wanted to pursue the passion of running his own business.

The restaurant business simply was the best fit.

“To me it seemed like it wasn’t that hard. It’s about people.

It’s a way to interact, meet, and network. It’s a fun atmosphere, and I enjoy being able to apply people skills.”

– Colby

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Why Birmingham – 2nd Ave. North?

Referring to it as the “donut effect”, Colby has recognized the major shift our metro area is making into the Magic City.

The support for local restaurants is a major fact, as well as 2nd Avenue North become a sort of entertainment district.

With more people moving and enjoying downtown, it is only practical for him to operate there.

Birmingham East West
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“East West”

The name was inspired by the Asian Influence the dishes posses, while of course sticking to the American style of food and eatery.

He wants to –

“…offer dishes that we are used to, but doing it in an unconventional way using high quality ingredients.”

– Colby

  • The restaurant sources its food locally, as much as possible.
  • The Price Range – between $6 to $25 dishes – represents his desire to cater to all types of consumers.

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The main differentiating factor of “East West” is the style of dishes. Colby made clear the dishes will follow along with the Asian eating habits – easily shareable plates meant for everyone to enjoy.

Check out some of the delicious dishes!

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