Homewood to open new pool and splash pad

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Okay, I know I’ve been talking a lot about the weather recently. But c’mon, this weekend’s weather has been AMAZING and definitely has me looking forward to summer. I can see it now – I’m lounging by the pool with a cold drink in my hand (water, of course), the sun is shining down on me (don’t worry I’m wearing sunscreen), and I can hear the sounds of children laughing. Where am I? Well, the newly renovated Homewood parks, of course!

Patriot Park
Patriot Park – photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

That’s right. Renovations have begun on 3 of Homewood’s community parks. City officials say the renovations are scheduled to be completed by this summer, just in time for your family to get out there and soak up some rays.

Splish Splash, Homewood

Perhaps some of the most exciting (and fun!!) renovations will be coming to Patriot Park, where city leaders say old facilities had led to fewer people visiting the park. The city will be replacing the community pool, which was last updated in 1992.  Additionally, they will be be installing a splash pad, zero-depth entry, and fun new water features! These efforts come in hopes of reducing crowds at Homewood Community Center pool, which has been at capacity many times in recent years. A membership will be required to access the new pool, but we’re sure it will be well worth it!

Patriot Park Pool
Construction is underway on a new community pool at Patriot Park – photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now
Soak up some sun at Patriot Park’s new community pool this summer – image via www.giphy.com

Swing Batter Batter, Swing

One of my favorite things about rising temperatures is that it means baseball season is on the way. Sports fanatics, listen up: West Homewood Park might just be your new place to play this summer. This summer, residents can expect to see new fields as well up upgrades to existing fields, as well as new batting cages. These updates are expected to have an economic impact on the city, bringing in sports tournaments and events, which will bring lots of visitors to the area.

West Homewood Park
West Homewood Park – photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now
IMG 6679 Homewood to open new pool and splash pad
Renovations will include updates to existing fields as well as new fields – photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

Time to Play

Kids (and kids at heart), this one’s for you. Spring Park in Rosedale will be getting some exciting new renovations to the current playground equipment. Old slides, swings, and play structures will be replaced with new ones. There are also plans for a walking trail, new lighting, and a new pavilion. Take the kids, pack a picnic, and play to your heart’s desire! We think this might be the place you’ll be spending every summer Saturday afternoon.

Which park’s renovations are you most excited about? Let us know!


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