Always Adamson. Always family. Stories from a beloved car salesman

Adamson Ford’s Julia Wesley and Fred Williams

Adamson Ford’s Fred Williams is a rare individual in the car selling business. He has been working for one and only one car dealership, Adamson Ford, for 11 and half years.

His secret.

“In the car business, you’ve got to treat people the way you want to be treated,” exclaimed Williams.

The story of Ms. Bobbie

A lifelong Birmingham native, Williams provided a special example of the kind of treatment customers can expect at Adamson.

When asked about a favorite customer, Williams smiled broadly and said Ms. Bobbie.

Ms. Bobbie bought her first car from Adamson when she was about 72 years old. It was a Charger. When she turned 77 years old, she traded in the Charger for a Mustang. That’s right… a Mustang.

On the front of Ms. Bobbie’s Mustang she has a car tag that says “Been There.” On the back, her tag says “Done That.”

But that’s not the only thing that makes Ms. Bobbie one of a kind. Each week or two, Ms. Bobbie, owner of a sleek and fast muscle car, calls Fred and asks him to pump gas in her car. For years, Fred meets her at Adamson to drive to the local gas station to fill up her tank.

And that’s not the only service Fred has provided Ms. Bobbie. He has taken her to the county courthouse to get her car tag, renew her driver’s license and even transported her to the body shop after her car had been struck in the back.

Fred genuinely cares about her. Now that is customer service.

Fred Williams and Elmer Sherman
True to the words Always Adamson, Always family.

According to Fred Williams, On a more personal level, Adamson Ford is family.

“This is a family oriented company, they care about their people.

Mr. Israel was more than a good friend. He was the best boss I’ve ever had.”

Williams described how the Israels’ supported him and his family during tragedy in his life.

“Before Mr. Israel passed away, I saw him in a different light. My son had been murdered.

During that terrible time Mr. Israel was there for me. He came to the funeral home and left a note. I’m like, wow.

The day of the funeral, we walked in the procession into the church, I walked in, looked around, and there were the Israels. That did something to me there. These people really, really care about their employees. They were right there. I told my wife, this is the kind of company, anybody would love to work for.”

Williams concluded, “Because we are family.”

As Adamson Ford begins its 100th year in Birmingham, they continue to do more than sell and service automobiles. They treat people like family – always family.

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