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New Board Officers have been named to TechBirmingham for 2018.  TechBirmingham is the city’s  pivotal organization dedicated to strengthening and promoting the technology environment, while supporting existing, and start-up technology companies in the region.

TechBirmingham’s efforts have helped Birmingham businesses attract national and global attention. Start-ups such as Shipt, and Fleetio have also elevated the cities’ national profile.

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Deon Gordon was chosen to lead Tech Birmingham in December of 2017, after a review of applicants from more than 12 different states. Gordon had spent the last two years as director of business development for REV Birmingham.

New board members and an excited new Board Chairman.

Along with a new organization president, 10 new board members will join TechBirmingham this month, increasing the organization’s efforts to develop and grow technology and innovation in Birmingham.

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A new Board Chairman, Anthony Oni, will take the baton from former Board Chairman, Jay Brandrup.

We spoke with with outgoing Board Chairman, Jay Brandrup, the founder and president of Kinetic Communications, a consulting and digital marketing and multimedia company that has been influential in the industry since its creation in 1995. Brandrup will stay active on the board.

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“2017 was obviously a big year for the Birmingham tech scene, especially with the recent Shipt deal. I think embracing and celebrating those kinds of achievements is a huge step in establishing Birmingham as a city dedicated to not only embracing the tech world, but helping it grow as well.

Personally, I am passing the torch to the ever capable hands of Anthony Oni, and looking forward to seeing the strides he and the rest of the TechBirmingham executive committee and board will be making make in the new year.”- Jay Brandrup, Kinetic founder, 2017 TechBirmingham Board Chairman

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With the acquisition of Birmingham start up, Shipt by Target for a region record of 550 million dollars, Birmingham has certainly earned some national attention.

TechBirmingham new Board Chairman, Anthony Oni. Via- Linkedin.

I caught up with new Board Chairman, Anthony Oni, of Alabama Power. Oni, originally from New Jersey, is an Auburn graduate with business/computer science degree. He has been with Alabama Power for the last 15 years.

Oni is just as passionate about Birmingham and the tech environment here and the renaissance the city is experiencing, as new TechBirmingham president, Deon Gordon.

“Regarding Tech Birmingham, I AM PUMPED!! Birmingham is emerging as a strong tech hub for the South. Our fast growing Tech community surprises many who don’t know about the progress we’ve made the past few years.

Our Tech Birmingham members and companies play a huge role in that progress. We have a great board in place this year with a very talented and experienced team steering the organization. 2018 will be an exciting and pivotal year for Tech Birmingham as we continue to grow Birmingham’s technology base.” – Anthony Oni.

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Tech start-ups must be supported.

Oni had stressed that everyone in the region has an opportunity in shaping the future of Birmingham. He explained that to continue our growth, tech startups must be supported and we must build and keep our technology workforce talent.

He believes that the city will be a thriving destination for young graduates and entrepreneurs. Oni’s advice to recent college graduates and young professionals is the advice he was given, and tried to live by:

 “Find your niche and work really hard to create an impact. We need more creative solutions to address the business and societal challenges we face every day. Whatever it is, just pursue it with relentless passion. Don’t cheapen your life being passive.”-Anthony Oni.

I asked Mr. Oni which Magic City start-ups he finds interesting and exciting;

“Jim Cavale’s new social sport start-up Influencer (INFLCR). I’ve been really impressed by how quickly he is scaling his platform and enjoyed following his docu-series Beyond Ball.”

Board officers include Anthony Oni (chairman), India Vincent (vice-chairman), Devon Laney (treasurer), and Lisa Kianoff (secretary).

TechBirmingham 2018 Board of Directors includes:

  • Annie Allen, iSeek Solutions
  • Cecil Bostany, Warren Averett
  • Lakey Boyd, Re:Posit Strategies
  • Ben Branch, ITAC Solutions
  • Jay Brandrup, Kinetic
  • Curt Carver, UAB
  • James Childs, Bradley Arant
  • Matt Cowell, Ministry Brands
  • Joe Dunsmore, BCBS of Alabama
  • Felicia Fortune, Concert Care
  • Robert Fuqua, Atlas RFID
  • Mike Girouard, TekLinks
  • Dave Gray, Daxko
  • Waymond Jackson, BBA
  • Leigh Jordan, IBM
  • Sri Karra, city of Birmingham
  • Lisa Kianoff
  • Matthew Kohler, Protective
  • Christopher Kramer, Brasfield and Gorrie
  • Devon Laney, Innovation Depot
  • Kim Lee, Forge
  • Jeff Liles, Harbert Growth Partners
  • Britt McCall, Regions
  • Troy McCawley, Business Electronics
  • Chase Morrow, Fetch
  • Josh Oakley, Golden Construction
  • Anthony Oni, Alabama Power Company
  • Shegun Otulana, TheraNest
  • David Powell, LogicMonitor
  • Doug Rigney, Samford University
  • Bob Sarnecki, Children’s Hospital
  • Steve Sebastian, UAB Health Systems
  • Mitesh Shah, Maynard Cooper
  • Jeff Smith, Shipt
  • Allison Stephens, CGI
  • Tony Summerville, Fleetio
  • Stephen Tangerman, EBSCO
  • Walt Till, BBVA Compass
  • Veronica Tucker, Southern Research
  • India Vincent, Burr Forman
  • Grant Woolwine, Keysys
  • Gary York, Help Lightning

As Birmingham continues to be a tech destination, as more start-ups emerge, Bham Now will report on our innovators, our challenges, victories and our ever growing tech-ecosystem. Stay tuned!

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