Why should you participate in the Red Shoe Run in Birmingham?

Red Shoe Run Ambassador Family (Billy, Michelle and Chloe (daughter) Parchman). Photo courtesy of RMHC.

Get on your mark. Get set. Go register for the Red Shoe Run now. Saturday, January 27, 2018, marks the 14th Annual Red Shoe Run benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. Read this true story of how a Tuscaloosa family was helped by this important charity and how you can participate.

Billy, Michelle and Chloe Parchman. Photo via Billy and Michelle Parchman.
The Parchman’s Story

The Parchman family began their stay at the Ronald McDonald House in April 2016.

It began as a typical day for the rather new family of three. They were on the way to Chloe’s pediatrician’s office for her two-week-old checkup. It was on this day that Billy and Michelle received life-changing news.

While at Chloe’s two-week checkup, her heart went into SVT (Superventrical Tachycardia) during her newborn screening. The family was rushed to the emergency department at Children’s of Alabama. While an echocardiogram was performed on Chloe, doctors and nurses had a hard time getting an oxygen saturation reading on her.

Billy and Chloe Parchman at Children’s Hospital. Photo via Billy and Michelle Parchman.

So many doctors and nurses jumped on her at once,” said Billy. “I was terrified.”

While everything was happening quickly, Michelle, a pediatrician, understood the medical terminology and procedures being performed on Chloe. Billy, on the other hand, did not.

It was while they were doing the echo that I saw [Michelle] turn so white when she heard [the doctors] talking,” said Billy. “She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me Chloe would have to have open heart surgery.”

Michelle Parchman with daughter, Chloe. Photo via Billy and Michelle Parchman.

Chloe was diagnosed with critical coarctation of her aorta and multiple holes in her heart.

Upon this diagnosis, Chloe was immediately rushed to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CVIC) at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. While a room was prepared for her, Billy and Michelle were told to stay in the waiting room. It was at this time that a hospital social worker told them about the Ronald McDonald House.

Billy Parchman with daughter, Chloe. Photo via Billy and Michelle Parchman.

Chloe’s stay at Children’s of Alabama lasted close to two weeks. During this time, the Parchmans stayed at the Ronald McDonald House so they could be as close to their daughter as possible.

Staying at the Ronald McDonald House turned out to be a huge blessing. The Parchmans live in Tuscaloosa, a good hour away from Birmingham. In a situation where anything could happen to their daughter, at any time of the day or night, they did not want time and distance to stand between them.

Chloe Parchman. Photo via Billy and Michelle Parchman.

The Ronald McDonald House has been a true godsend,” said Billy. “When Chloe was in the hospital, I wanted to be by her side as much as they would let me,” said Billy. “I did not want to be 30 minutes to an hour away from her. The Ronald McDonald House gave us that peace.”

Billy continued to say that because he and Michelle were able to stay so close to the hospital, they were able to do the most important thing of all – focus on their daughter.

Post-Red Shoe Run 2017. Photo courtesy of RMHC.
The Parchmans give back to Ronald McDonald House Charities

After being given so much by Ronald McDonald House Charities, Billy and Michelle wanted to give back to the organization somehow and now serve as a Red Shoe Run Ambassador Family. To do this, they created a Red Shoe Run team, Chlo Money, and have partnered with Birmingham company Knight Eady in order to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. They have set a team goal of $2,000 and hope to reach it, and hopefully break it, by the time of the Red Shoe Run.

The Parchman family accepting awards after the 2017 Red Shoe Run. Photo courtesy of RMHC.

Being an ambassador family has been an honor,” said Michelle. “It has been a huge blessing to be able to use Chloe’s story to help raise money for such a wonderful place.”

If you have the heart to help families like the Parchmans, register today for the 14th Annual Red Shoe Run. Not only will your participation in this race help families like the Parchmans, but it will also help the Ronald McDonald House grow, allowing it to house 73 guest families per night. This is a huge increase from the 41 guest families they are currently able to house.

2017 Red Shoe Run in Homewood, Alabama. Photo courtesy of RMHC.
Red Shoe Run Details

There are many ways to participate in the Red Shoe Run. You can register to run. You can support a friend. You can start a team. You can volunteer or you can choose the Snooze option and give on the sidelines. But don’t just sit there. Here’s how to get involved.

Team excitement after 2017 Red Shoe Run. Photo courtesy of RMHC.

The Red Shoe Run will take place at Rosewood Hall (2850 19th Street South, Homewood, AL 35209) and will be a multi-course race offering options for any running or walking goal. Discounts are offered for early registration.

  • 10 mile Run – 7:30a.m (all finishers receive a medal and a t-shirt)
  • 5K Run/Walk – 8:00a.m (all finishers receive a t-shirt)
  • 1 mile Fun Run/Walk – 8:30a.m (all finishers receive a t-shirt)

There is also a Snoozer option for those who want to donate or raise money without racing. (All registrants receive a t-shirt)

“The Hamburglar” at the 2017 Red Shoe Run. Photo courtesy of RMHC.

After the race, all participants are encouraged to attend an after-party at Rosewood Hall for food, music, and fun. Awards will also be handed out to race participants for categories such as top run finishers and top fundraising for team and individuals.

Sign up

To learn more, register or sign-up to volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Red Shoe Run, click here.

To donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities click here.

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