Bham Now’s Instagram spotlight on Birmingham murals

mural Bham Now's Instagram spotlight on Birmingham murals
Mural in the making. Via- Instagram.

Birmingham is a city of enthusiasts. We love our food, our sports, our universities, our neighborhoods and our street art and murals. Bham Now weekly InstaHam celebrates some of our beautiful murals. Enjoy!

By local artist Andy Jordan. #brotherandy

UPDATE: This mural was tagged. It has since been painted over by the apartment’s maintenance crew.

The Birmingham Mural Project was a 197879 campaign to enliven parts of the downtown area with professionally painted murals on the sides of existing building walls.  Bham Wiki

Public art is many things, but at its core, it is an intervention into space. It reclaims and recovers our public spaces from the grasp of homogenous and mundane development.-Blank Space, Birmingham, AL.

We take pride in not needing a stencil and really working on our can skills, that’s where the divide originally came from. But with good content coming out, there’s some more respect. You even see some collaboration between street artists and graffiti artists. – Cameron Moberg, graffiti artist NYC.

Art is a catalyst for social change. When we unite around common goals to make our communities the best versions of themselves, we not only draw nearer to one another, but we also grow stronger.-Blank Space, Birmingham, AL.

Murals are a manifestation of our dreams for vibrancy fueled by the belief that  art is not merely an outlet for expression, but also a spark for incredible revitalization.- Blank Space, Birmingham, AL.

I always loved seeing magnificent works of art displayed on public buildings, it makes the environment we live in more enjoyable. – Thurston Hamby, Birmingham artist.

Cities gain value through public art – cultural, social, and economic value. Public art is a distinguishing part of our public history and our evolving culture.-AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS .

Places with strong public art expressions break the trend of blandness and sameness, and give communities a stronger sense of place and identity.- Americans for the Arts.

The effort of creating art for public space is not solitary: the public art process asks the artist to share his/her creative point of view and approach to art-making, and to collaborate with others throughout its development.-Americans for the Arts.

To some degree, every public art project is an interactive process involving artists, architects, administrators, design professionals, community residents, civic leaders, elected officials, approval agencies, funding agencies, and construction teams.-Americans for the Arts

Check back every week to see what Bham Now InstaHam spotlight focuses on next! We Love Birmingham!


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