Birmingham, prepare for a dramatic finish in Alabama’s Senate election

Here’s the thing. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen tomorrow (not even the experts). Whatever the outcome of Alabama’s special Senate election, it’s going to be a big deal.

Roy Moore, Doug Jones, Alabama, Senate, Election
Roy Moore, via YouTube

Twas the day before the election …

And, all through the state/a battle of robocalls/deciding our fate.

Sorry. I’m in the Christmas spirit, and it’s hard not to rhyme out loud on the Internet. While tomorrow’s Senate election seems to be hinging on voter turnout, today it’s all about the robocalls.

Doug Jones,Roy Moore, Senate, election, Birmingham, Alabama
Doug Jones and Roy Moore, via The Economist, AFP/AP
Robocalls and dumpster fires

The last leg of Alabama’s highly contested Senate race reveals an odd tactic: big ‘ol endorsements via robocalls. These last-ditch appeals, with all of their social-media-inducing dumpster fires, are pretty much a trolling war at this point. This should not stop you from voting tomorrow.

Roy Moore, Doug Jones, Birmingham, Alabama
Messages to potential voters

According to CNN, former President Barack Obama’s robocall supporting Jones urges voters to “reject Moore.” Former Vice President Joe Biden also recorded a robocall supporting Jones, according to Independent Journal Review.

Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Birmingham, Alabama, Senate, Election

Want to listen to President Trump’s robocall? Here you go.

“We need Roy voting for us and stopping illegal immigration and crime, rebuilding a stronger military and protecting the Second Amendment and our pro-life values,” Trump’s voice is heard saying in a robocall obtained for ABC News.

Birmingham, Alabama, Roy Moore, Senate, Election, Doug Jones, Republican, Democrat
Via FOX 10 News
What about those polls?

Alabama’s highly contested Senate election comes  with some pretty fuzzy predictions. Seriously, pick a poll that suits your tastes. The numbers are all over the place. Three polls today predict a Jones win, a Moore win and a toss up.

Lee Busby, Senate, election, Birmingham, Alabama
Via Yellowhammer News

Well, duh. The only thing the polls aren’t predicting are a write-in win for Lee Busby. Who is he, you ask? Exactly.

Lee Busby, Birmingham, Alabama, Senate, election
Via WHNT 19

If you really want to know, here’s a recent opinion piece by him. And, here’s an interview with him.

The last word

Go vote, Birmingham! Even though no one really knows what’s going to happen, we can all agree that Alabama can improve its voter turnout. Even our Secretary of State, John Merrill, has pretty low expectations. Prove them wrong, Magic City voters.

Roy Moore, Doug Jones, Senate, Election, Birmingham, Alabama
Via, AP

What section of voters do you believe will decide the race? Women? Conservative men? Will race be a deciding factor?

Birmingham, Alabama, Senate, Race, Roy Moore, Doug Jones
Via Reddit
Your polling place

For more campaign speculation, some thoughts on campaign contributions and info about where to vote, check this out.

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