Good People Brewing Co. announces winter seasonal

Good People Birmingham Alabama
Good People Brewing’s taproom

Good People Brewing Co. announced their new winter seasonal: the Denim Downhiller Winter Ale.

Why Denim Downhiller?

Denim Donwhiller from Good People Brewing Co
via Good People Brewing Co.

According to Good People, the Denim Downhiller honors the Southern Appalachia skier. They describe Southern Appalachia skiers as “those that buy milk and bread at the first sight of winter and scotchgard their jeans.”

This beer will go down fast! It is a 5.3% ABV winter ale that is warm and toasty with earthy and floral notes from Willamette and Mt. Hood hops.

When can I get it?

Good People Birmingham Alabama

Good People Brewing Co.’s new winter ale will be available starting Monday, October 30th. It will be available on tap and in 12 oz. cans.

Other seasonals to enjoy in the meantime at Good People?

As the oldest and largest brewery in the state of Alabama, Good People does seasonal beers especially well.  Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the popular Oktoberfest this month.  Its grainy, caramel characteristics and spice notes show you exactly what Fall is supposed to taste like.

The Mumbai Rye is another great brew for Autumn.  This rye IPA “puts spicy earthy flavors on full display, balanced with the hop presence of the American IPA.”  So this weekend, while you’re waiting on the Denim Downhiller’s arrival, be sure to head to Good People and take one last taste of Fall!

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