Birmingham top 10: October 19-25

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October’s starting to wrap up and the weather has finally started to cool down!  This week has a lot going on, and you’re bound to find something you love!  And while we try to keep our tone positive, please, if you have kids, do better than “trunk-or-treating.”  Seriously.  

Boo at the Zoo

october 15, 19-22

  • October 19 @ 5PM
  • Birmingham Zoo
  • $10-20

You probably know about the twelve days of Christmas (good luck getting that out of your head), but what about the twelve nights of Halloween?  Wildlife shows, trick or treating, dance parties with live music, and more turn this into a costume ball to remember.  This year, you can experience the new Haunted Hayride tour!  Read more

Greensky Bluegrass

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  • October 20 @ 6PM
  • Avondale Brewing Company
  • $20

Avondale is one of my favorite venues for bands, and Greensky seem to fit perfectly!  It’s hard to argue with live music and beer, but just in case you’re still not sure, click on the video link above!  Read more

Mike Floss

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  • October 20 @ 8PM
  • Avondale Brewing Company
  • $20

On the complete opposite end of the stylistic spectrum from Greensky Bluegrass, we have Mike Floss!  Mike Floss says his work is half instinct, half thought.  Take a look and decide for yourself – he’s got talent even off-script.  Read more

Scare Your Face Off Fest VIII
227392723d90fb2a445e34e74dd7346d Birmingham top 10: October 19-25
once more for good measure, I love this pop-art style
  • October 20 @ 9PM
  • Saturn
  • $10

Birmingham’s best tribute bands pay homage to everyone from Fugazi to Macho Man Randy Savage.  Come in costume for a discount and a chance at prizes!  Read more

FireWater Revival, Inclination of Direction, Green Star Relief Station, Aeronaut


  • October 20 @ 10PM
  • The Nick
  • $6

All-American and almost-all-Birmingham metal comes to the Nick hard and fast.  Headbanging always helps you get in the Halloween spirit.  No matter what style you listen to, there’s something for you tonight – from progressive to thrash to power.  Read more

Ruffner Turns 40

OCTOBER! lol apparently adding keywords where people can't see them helps SEO

  • October 21 @ 8AM
  • Ruffner Mountain
  • Free!

Help Ruffner celebrate four decades with a cookout, guided hikes, opportunities to clear trails (this doesn’t sound as fun until you realize what hardware you’ll use), and Seasick Records spinning vinyl!  Ruffner has become one of the largest privately held nature preserves in America, and that’s worth celebrating!  Read more

Build your own PC – pt 1
wall mounted pc
the image our calendar scraped wasn’t as descriptive, and I love computers, so here’s a replacement.  It’s probably not what you’ll build, but I’d love for you to prove me wrong! – via /u/Vicooooo
  • Picture of event
  • Innovation Depot
  • $40

Learn what makes a computer… compute, in this class designed to teach you how to make your own!  Trust me (I did it myself), it’s fun and amazingly inexpensive compared to buying a pre-built PC.  And there’s something about knowing exactly what’s inside that box that holds a special appeal.  Read more

Magic City Witches Ball
october magic city witches ball
via Workplay
  • October 21 @ 7PM
  • Workplay
  • $10

“Sharpen your fangs” for multiple bars, live music, costumes, and more at this 21+ Halloween ball.  Money from Birmingham’s largest Halloween party will benefit the Lone Warriors Charity for local veterans.  Read more

Adulting 101
how to adult
  • Picture of event
  • Adulting 101
  • Free!

Chances are, you want to free up more money to spend – or save.  If you’re having trouble figuring out how, this class is for you.  Learn how to make a budget, save while shopping, and generally how to spend less money in this free class.  Read more

Ratboys, DAGS!, Rattlesnake Battalion

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  • October 25 @ 7PM
  • Syndicate Lounge
  • $8

I was hooked on this band from the moment I first heard them.  I’ll let Bandcamp reviews do the talking, partly because I’m not great at reviewing music (that’s why I link it, you’ll know if you want to hear it!) and partly because these reviews explain everything perfectly.  “Ratboys combines folksy roots, guitar rifts, and uncommon lyricism with a mesmerizing lead.” – Dante Sudilovsky.  For other amazing things you didn’t know you needed to read, check out the song titles on DAGS! page.  Read more

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