Birmingham’s Top Ten – October 4-10

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Birmingham Top Things to Do July 19th through July 25
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As it turns out, alcohol and animals do mix!  From bearded concert bunnies to a wine festival at the Birmingham Zoo, I think there’s something for everyone this week in Birmingham.  Ever wanted a band to market their own car because their logo was just that cool? 

The Bearded Pink Bunny gives away Mutemath tickets

  • October 4 @ 5PM
  • Iron City
  • Free (it is a giveaway, after all)!

Get ready to try your hand at any one of several competitions, for a chance to win Mutemath tickets.  It might be Connect 4, it might be guesswork, it might be stuffing your face, but it will be fun!  Read more


The Head and the Heart

  • October 4 @ 8PM
  • Alabama Theatre
  • I have no idea how much it will be, ticketmaster broke :/ 

They’re feelin’ low, feelin’ high, and they’re playing at the Alabama, which is more than enough.  If you like indie rock, you might already have tickets.  If you hate indie rock, you probably don’t.  And if indie rock confuses you?  Check out their youtube channel, you might find something you love.  Read more


Moon Duo, Birds of Avalon, Future Primitives

  • October 4 @ 9PM
  • Saturn
  • $12

If you’ve followed our weekly top ten guides for a while, then you already know I can’t resist psychedelic rock!  This trio of groups, including Birmingham’s very own and very talented Future Primitives, will play Saturn.  What an awesome venue.  Interestingly, Moon Duo has four members.  Read more



  • October 5 @ 5.30PM
  • Cahaba Brewing Company
  • $15

Like beer?  Like dogs?  If you answered “yes” to both those questions (or even just one), you’ll like Barktoberfest.  Dogs in Halloween costumes, live music, and more will take over Cahaba Brewing in support of Hand in Paw.  Unwind, safeguard pets everywhere, and watch dogs in silly costumes, all in one spot!  Read more


Eat Drink Read Write trivia competition
eat drink read write
Our event scraper didn’t find anything, so here’s their banner – via
  • October 5 @ 6.30PM
  • Lakeview entertainment district
  • $20/person, $100/team

There’s one event at the end, but this starts earlier than the questions.  Go search for trivia clues at participating venues!  Keep tabs on social media!  Do your research on Birmingham’s history and Lakeview’s food for an opportunity to prove yourself throughout Lakeview!  Read more


Western’s Fall wine and food festival

  • October 6 @ 6PM
  • Birmingham Zoo
  • $65

Sure you can sample more than half a thousand wines, see animals in a new light, ride the carousel (which I am assured is an experience after more than 500 samples of wine), and have dinner provided by some of Birmingham’s best vendors.  But that’s only part of the point.  The wine and food festival also raises money for the zoo (duh), Emmet O’Neal library, the Junior League of Birmingham, and more.  Read more


UAB vs LA Tech – homecoming game!

  • October 7 @ 3PM
  • Legion Field
  • $20

Remember the fight to save UAB football?  Reap the spoils!  UAB will play LA Tech this Saturday afternoon.  Because it’s homecoming for UAB, there will be special honors.  Read more


Automatic Empires
vnv nation
I wouldn’t mind having this as a hood ornament – via facebook
  • October 7 @ 9PM
  • Saturn
  • $16

High energy, beat driven 80’s synth?  How could I resist?  VNV, “Victory not Vengeance,” will play two of their albums alongside Ivardensphere.  Ivardenphere is an altogether different beast.  Critics say they’re “Canadian tribal electronica” focused on creating atmosphere.  Youtube says they’re drool-inducing and best described as “grinding.”  I don’t know if this is more of a surprisingly great youtube comment section or a diss on critics, but I ended up drumming along with my hands.  Rave?  Oh yeah, rave.  Read more


Kombucha 101

  • October 9 @ 7PM
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • $5 for non-members

Kombucha is this weird Korean drink made from fermented tea.  Apparently it’s actually really good for you, but I’ve never tried it.  Lots of people I know swear by it though, so they can’t be totally wrong!  Learn about kombucha from Better Kombucha Birmingham founder Nancy Legg (yes, samples will be provided)!  Read more


The Book of Mormon opening night

  • October 10 @ 7.30PM
  • BJCC
  • $63.70

The single funniest play I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few brilliant live performances.  You might have already listened to or watched snippets of it, but when does video ever compare to the live performance?  The creators of South Park are sending their show to Birmingham, and you should try to get tickets while you still can!  Read more

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