Lucky Cat Rolled Cream popped up at Saturn and Rojo last week, the feedback explains why it should have a full store

lucky cat rolled cream facebook
You want this, trust me. Unless you’re lactose intolerant – via Lucky Cat’s Facebook

Luck Cat Rolled Cream is amazing and need a full store.  If you were “lucky” enough to head over to Saturn last Sunday, you already know why.  If not, follow them on Facebook to track when they’ll open their next pop-up, because you don’t want to miss this! 

Rolled cream seems like ice cream at first.  But is it?  Close enough.  The rolling process happens right in front of you: ice cream batter (can anyone imagine a more beautiful phrase?) is poured on a cold plate and flash-frozen.  Then, the sheet gets cut and rolled, before finally having toppings poured or set on it!  The end result looks pretty incredible.  I tried the strawberry rolled cream, and it tastes just as incredible.

rolled cream
Apologies for the half-melted photo, I almost forgot to take a picture it was so good!

Rolled cream differs from the regular ice creams I’ve tried in one really important way.  It’s really, incredibly creamy.  Cream fights over even the acidity of strawberries.  And it’s great.  I imagine this is because heavier, thicker ice cream is easier to shape than lighter ice cream (have you ever tried to sculpt a snowcone?) and using heavy whipping cream acts as a thickener.

lucky cat saturn
Pay-what-you want seems like a bad way to to business, but what a great way to do charity! – via James Ozment

So you can’t pick up Birmingham’s best ice cream in a store, but you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  Their pop-up at Saturn was actually pay-what-you-want: any money you gave them went to’s Hurricaine Harvey response.  I can’t wait to try this ice cream again.

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