The Wall Street Journal explores top spots in Birmingham

Birmingham skyline via Wall Street Journal
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The Wall Street Journal recently published a three-day travel guide to the Magic City! Reporter Marli Guzzetta visited some of the top destinations in Birmingham. Check to see if your favorite spots made the list.


Bars & Breweries

Cardigan's Public House
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Here’s a list of the top spots the WSJ suggested to go get a drink:

  • Redmont’s “gothic-glam rooftop bar”
  • The Collins
  • Atomic Bar & Lounge
  • Good People Brewing Company
  • Saturn
  • Marble Ring
  • Parkside
  • Carrigan’s Public House
  • Avondale Brewing Co.
Atomic Bar and Lounge
via Atomic Bar and Lounge

Among the suggested drinks was Atomic Bar and Lounge’s Sex Panther (this drink even comes with a temporary tattoo!), Good People’s Coffee Oatmeal Stout, and Avondale Brewing Co.’s Miss Fancy Tripel.


Hot and Hot Fish Club
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As you may know, Birmingham is constantly getting attention for its award-winning food. Here’s the places Ms. Guzzetta went to grub.

  • Highlands Bar & Grill
  • Feast and Forest
  • Saw’s Soul Kitchen
  • Big Spoon Creamery
  • Hot and Hot Fish Club
  • Saturn’s coffee bar, Satellite, for Hero doughnuts
  • Galley and Garden
  • Bright Star
  • Revelator Coffee
  • Yo Mama’s

Dishes that received honorable mention included Yo Mama’s chicken and waffles, Galley and Garden’s shrimp and grits, and, of course, Saw’s wings and white sauce.

Saw's wings
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Shops & other top spots

DSC 0720ES The Wall Street Journal explores top spots in Birmingham
Image courtesy of Pepper Place Market
  • The Market at Pepper Place
  • Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery
  • Club Duquette
  • Armand Margjeka’s Open Shop Woodlawn
  • Seasick Records
  • Newman’s Classic Cuts
  • Winslet and Rhys
  • Joe Minter’s “African Village in America”
  • The Peanut Place

On another note, the WSJ reporter had a wonderful stay at the Redmont Hotel.

Classic Bham Attractions

Sloss Furnaces
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And finally, a list of some classic Birmingham locations. Some of them are fun, and some of them just might teach you something. Of course, some of them might just do both.

  • Sloss Furnace
  • Railroad Park
  • The Negro Southern League Museum
  • Red Mountain Park
  • The Civil Rights Institute
  • The Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Vulcan Park
  • The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

The Wall Street Journal reporter definitely enjoyed her time in the Magic City. With a list of hot spots like this, we don’t blame her.

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