Send a bag of Joe Muggs Coffee to U.S. soldiers this Independence Day

Coffee for Troops
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Did you know you could brighten the day of a U.S. soldier?  Send them a bag of Joe Muggs coffee with your note of thanks attached. All you have to do is head to your local Books-A-Million to support our troops and veterans.  

Books-A-Million’s biannual Coffee for the Troops campaign is in full swing through May 30th.  Donate to those who have served or are current serving our country by purchasing a bag of freshly ground Joe Muggs Coffee at any Books-A-Million location or even online. All donations will be distributed by Soldiers’ Angels, a charity that aids and supports U.S. armed forces and veterans.

Books-A-Million will be donating one bag for every five customer-purchased bags. Every bag purchased counts!  The goal is to treat our troops just in time for Independence Day.

“Many of us take coffee for granted, perhaps even as an everyday necessity. For the brave men and women serving our country, it is not only a luxury but also a poignant taste of home.

– Amy Palmer, President and CEO of Soldiers’ Angels.

The ability to attach personalized notes to your donated bag makes the program that much more special. Send a thank you note or a heartfelt acknowledgment, whichever you prefer, to let the troops know how much you appreciate them and their service.

Books A Million Coffee For the Troops
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Since partnering with Soldiers’ Angels, Books-A-Million has helped to donate over 320,000 bags of coffee to troops, veterans and VA hospitals, since 2012, thanks to the kindness of customers like you.

“Year after year, Coffee for the Troops has proven to be a worthwhile salute to the brave citizens who keep this country free and safe. Our hope is to once again exceed our goals while warming hearts with the tastes of home. Thanks to our invaluable partnership with Soldiers’ Angels, a lofty goal like this is not only possible, but also a small way to honor our loyal U.S. troops and veterans for the holiday that celebrates our nation’s freedom.”

– Natalie Blankenship, cafe buyer for Books-A-Million

In the past year alone, Books-A-Million donated 62,000 bags of coffee, an impressive 12,000 more bags than expected.

Coffee for the Troops Birmingham AL Books-A-Million
via Books-A-Million

Donations started April 30th and will continue until May 30th. All participating customers will get a button to wear (while supplies last) to show their support.

Don’t miss your chance to honor those who are currently serving and have served our nation by sending a little coffee love. Donations can be made at your local BAM! or online.

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