Check out the plans for the new North 24th Street Lofts

As Downtown Birmingham grows, the demand for premier living space will continue to rise.

Accordingly, a former downtown hangout, The Bomb Shelter music venue, has been slated for redevelopment.

new Birmingham North 24th Street Lofts
via CCR Architecture and Interiors

Located at 112 24th Street North, between 1st & 2nd avenue, the vacant building has been acquired by RLC Partners LLC.

According to the BBJ, with 7,520 square feet of space, the real estate group plans to redevelop it into mixed-use condos called North 24th Street Lofts. Adding residential and office space on this promising side of Downtown.

North 24th Street Lofts

RLC Partners LLC is teaming up with CCR Architecture & Interiors as well as The Drake Group to make this redevelopment a reality.

Correspondingly, the three companies will transform the building into a 5-unit condominium.

Resting on the well known First Ave. N. Loft District and Second Avenue corridor, will be perfect for the future residents as some of the most well known Bham hangouts are nearby!

North 24th Street Lofts sit in a perfect location
via Wade Cline

“I have admired this building for many years as a redevelopment play and am excited that we as a community are finally in a good position within our city center that projects such as North 24th Street Lofts are viable…”

Bobby Crook, exclaimed to the BBJ

Recently, Orchestra Partners also added to the excitement of our growing downtown with the new condo development Founders Station.

Condo Details:

The lofts will range from 850 – 1,545 square feet and sell around $180/sq. foot. Also, the purchaser will have to finish out the space. Furthermore, 5 interior/garage parking spaces are in the plans.

“This project is so unique because we are providing an open floor plan that will allow purchasers to design and finish their space as they please.

This is not a cookie cutter project, creativity and originality is in full effect here.”

– Robert Crook, of Shannon Waltchack, told the BBJ

By the way, Mr. Crook is the man to see if you are interested in purchasing.

Presently, demolition has been complete and a new roof added to the 100+ yr. old building. In fact, construction is about to begin later this month!

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