Birmingham’s Ocean Restaurant is turning 15

Ocean Restaurant is celebrating quite a birthday this week. To celebrate, they are bringing a slew of guest chefs and bartenders aboard, as a blast from the past. This popular seafood place definitely deserves a special birth week.

Ocean has been voted Best Restaurant, Best Chef, and has won the recipient of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for the past 7 years. They are a go to for fresh seafood contemporary vibes.

This week they are bringing former chefs and bartenders back to serve come their favorite dishes and drinks. They will also be featuring some anniversary dishes. Ocean alums are from everywhere. A few you may know from other startups around town, such as Brandon Cain of Saw’s Soul Kitchen or John Hall of Post Office Pies.

Every night, there will be a select group of former and current Ocean cooks and bartenders. They are just as excited about Ocean’s accomplishments and growth in the past 15 years as executive chef and owner, George Reis.

If you would like to celebrate with Ocean Restaurant this week, here is the schedule.

Tonight, March 14th: Ian Barker and Ric Trent, former sous chefs of Ocean. Trent is now a sous chef at Roots & Revelry.

Wednesday, March 15th: Brandon Cain and John Hall, former sous chef and line cook as well as Robby Greenwood, Neal Hardy, and Miguel Garrett as guest bartenders. Cain is a co-owner of Saw’s Soul Kitchen and Post Office Pies as well as Roots and Revelry. Hall is the executive chef and co-owner of Post Office Pies. Greenwood is now general manager at Roots & Revelry. Hardy is now with Victory Brewing Company while Garrett is now at Sidebar Cafe.

Thursday, March 16th: Gabby Aguilar and Dionicio Hernandez longtime employees of Ocean with years of experience.

Friday, March 17th: William and Ellen Rogers guest chef and bartender who will be opening Avondale Common House and Distillery later this week.

Saturday, March 18th: Garret Osborn, former sous chef of Ocean, is now the seafood manager at the Piggly Wiggly in Crestline Village.

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