Depot/U re-brands to Covalence to apply to other Markets

The demand for technical skills, such as computer coding, are in high demand.

Depot/U, a coding boot-camp created by the Innovation Depot and Platypi,  teaches aspiring coders to learn the skills needed to start businesses and find tech. jobs.

Depot/U re-brands to Covalence to apply to other Markets
Photo by the Innovation Depot

As time goes on, businesses find ways of differentiating themselves in their respected markets. Sometimes this requires a “re-branding” process so to continue expanding.

Depot/U transforming to “Covalence”

Covalence is the expansion brand from Depot/U.

This name will have the validity to expand into other markets. Chattanooga will be the first where the brand will work in partnership with The Enterprise Center.

“The program, along with the curriculum, is continually evolving, but the overall idea remains the same.”

– Matt Morgan, Covalence, told BhamNow

Depot/U will continue to thrive within the Innovation Depot and provide the Birmingham technology workforce with students of top tier coding education.

IMG 2265 Depot/U re-brands to Covalence to apply to other Markets


The name Covalence simply helps solidify a uniform branding of our original mission we began:

Bringing together those passionate about technology — the city, the students, the teachers, and the leaders — for the sharing of knowledge and experience, the formation of new ideas, and the betterment of the community as a whole.”

– Matt Morgan

The program will be opening up in the spring of this year in Chattanooga.
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