Sarah Parcak, UAB Professor and TED Speaker, Launches GlobalXplorer

Allowing the average person, with an internet connection, explore the past through satellite technology.

GlobalXplorer is cutting edge technology presented by Sarah Parcak, made possible after she won a TED Prize from National Geographic!

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$1 Million was awarded to Parcak, last year, for her initiative to embrace technology and innovation inside an age-old industry, archaeology.

GlobalXplorer Details:
  • Peru is the first country to be apart of the new program.
  • Allows for discovery of “previously unknown to most modern archaeologists” to the everyday explorer.
  • Rewards are given to those who spend more time exploring.
  • “Virtual Reality” will also allow users to visit sites with actual archaeologists.
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Sarah being featured on CNN!

“The world’s hidden heritage contains clues to humankind’s collective resilience and creativity…

It’s up to all of us to protect this heritage, and with GlobalXplorer we are empowering a 21st century army of global explorers to discover and protect our shared history.”

– Sarah Parcak said in a press release

This major announcement is among many that Sarah has been known for within the past several years…

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