Photos and eyewitness accounts from yesterday’s Birmingham Airport protest

Birmingham Alabama
Protesters at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport – Photo by Rupa Kitchens

Yesterday, hundreds protested President Trump’s executive order temporarily barring visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Bham Now collected comments and photos from local residents who participated in the demonstration that was organized in less than 24 hours.

IMG 1749 Photos and eyewitness accounts from yesterday's Birmingham Airport protest

Birmingham Alabama
Protests at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport – Photos by  Robyn Hyden



Dr. Rupa Kitchens, a local urologist 

As I was watching the live feed from Michael Moore streaming the JFK airport yesterday afternoon, I knew this was real and going to be a problem. It was an outrage, keeping these innocent people locked up for nothing. No one had anything planned here, just Atlanta and major cities with international airports. I then escaped and listened to the Copeland symphony at the ASO, and while I was there got the email that a march was planned- 10 pm last night!!

I immediately spread the word and despite it being a typical weekend with kids activities, work, household chores etc, I could not NOT go. We hit Walmart early Sunday morning for sign supplies, my daughter made the signs, and my friend and I were on our way to the Shuttlesworth airport.

There was a great crowd there already assembled, and various people speaking; Muslim residents, folks representing Black Lives Matter, other “normal” folks who, like the rest of us, are simply children of immigrants. THAT IS A FACT, unless you’re a 100% Native American. It was peaceful and full of solidarity. Arriving travelers joined us too.

IMG 1750 Photos and eyewitness accounts from yesterday's Birmingham Airport protest
Photo by – Robyn Hyden

Dr. Rupa Kitchens, a local urologist, continues;

This was so important because it needs to be known that Birmingham cares about issues and our heads are not in the sand. This is the home of civil rights and we should be leaders in the fight for equal rights for all, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion. Those detained in airports currently were properly vetted and legally allowed; they came as any of us would. We are here to stand for them and for so many others in the coming days and weeks who will be unfairly treated simply because of their country of origin. I am so proud of our city and these organizers. This is just the beginning as long as unfair policies are enacted.

Birmingham Alabama
Protests inside Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport – Photo by Bud Gabis

Bud Gabis – an account executive

 Trump’s immigration ban has woken a sleeping tiger. Police estimated there were approx 2900 protesters (at the airport). The protest was peaceful and respectful. Because I am Jewish, I am very sensitive about banning immigrants and blaming and scapegoating any religion. This ban will not make us safer. To the contrary, the message it sends is exactly what the terrorists want: America hates Muslims. The terrorists will use this to recruit.
 Citizens of Birmingham, what do you think about the ban?  We welcome civil discourse.
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