20 Midtown’s Publix Opening Soon

One of the most anticipated openings for downtown.

The new 20 Midtown Publix is hoped to bring more consumers as well as create a viable grocery food option for the Magic City.

Photo by Wade Cline

  • 7 am – Wednesday, Feb. 8th
  • Located on the corner of 3rd Ave. S. and 20th Street.
  • RGS Properties Dick Schmalz (leasing agent) and Scott Bryant (Scott M. Bryant & Co.) – are heading up 20 Midtown
  • Architect – Tammy Cohen
  • Cost = $100 Million plus
  • 3 Buildings (Phases)

“The Publix opening is the culmination of a lot of work, interally with publix and with the city.

It is going to be an integral part… the city needs a grocery store so the area knows its growth potential.”

– Dick Schmalz told BhamNow

Photo by Wade Cline
Phase 1

Across the street, the smallest part of 20 Midtown, includes a Starbucks, the Leasing Office, Chipolte, and AT&T, as well as 36 apartment units above.

  • 5 Stories High
  • SRS is NOW leasing
Photo by Wade Cline
Phase 2: Mixed-use

The Publix – complete with a pharmacy – includes 75 apartment units on the 4th and 5th floors.

  • 130 parking spots – located on the 2nd and 3rd levels – entrance located on 19th St. S.
  • Zyp Bike Stations are also located on the front of the store
Photo by Wade Cline
Phase 3: Mixed-use, under construction

Retail and office space on the first floor – about 41,000 Sq. Feet – and apartment units above will be a perfect spot to enjoy “Midtown”.

Oh and I can’t forget, a courtyard and pool on the 4th floor 😉 – cause where would you be without a perfect view of the Magic City.

Corner of 3rd Ave. South and Richard Arlington Drive – Photo by Wade Cline
Talking with Mr. Schmalz, in terms of the 3rd phase, he said…

“We are trying to be good stewards of the momentum that the Publix opening is presenting.”

He and his partners are hopeful for a speedy development on 20th and 3rd.

Photo by Wade Cline

The impetus behind many of the developments downtown is to help foster a vibrant, sustainable community for consumers, businesses alike.

Developments (mixed-use projects) like 20 Midtown are perfectly in line with this mission, and we hope to see many more practical solutions, such as this one, in the near future.

Photo by Wade Cline

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