Share a Hope, Wish, or Prayer at the Annual Homewood Wishing Tree

Two years of wishing, praying and hoping in Homewood starts up again this holiday season. Looking towards 2017, Homewood natives are sharing their thoughts and hanging them on the annual Wishing Tree.

The Wishing Tree was started two years ago to bring positivity during a rough time for the people of Homewood. The inspiration was based on individualsĀ wanting to show support for the families of two well-respected residents, one of which was the victim of a hit-and-run and the other was diagnosed with cancer. A symbol for support for those who need it, the tree offers a way for individuals to share their wishes and prayers for those in need.

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You’ll find the tree in front of the Trak Shak on 29th Avenue South. Nearby shops have yarn and note cards for those who wishĀ to display their dreams for 2017.Ā Of course, anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to do so.

From now until January 14th, you can share your wishes for 2017.

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