SowBaby introduces Locally made Organic Baby Food to Bham

Now’s your chance to share your buy local mantra with your babies, too. Thanks to SowBaby Organic, Birmingham now offers locally-made, organic baby food. 

SowBaby Organic started November 1st of this year and has already reached a sizable fan base. It all began when Sabrina Parker’s daughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Their struggle to find a way to help maintain their daughter’s health pointed them in the direction of going organic and eliminating processed food. When they saw a difference in her health, they knew they were doing the right thing.

SowBaby Organic offers fresh and flavorful, locally-made with local ingredients, organic baby puree. With over 10 different flavors, variety is definitely an option. With her extensive background in the food business, she has creatively created a niche market, Birmingham didn’t know it needed.

Parker was introduced to her favorite local farms through Pepper Place Market. She utilizes Bell Meadow Farms which offers non-GMO, pesticide free produce. She also frequents Hamm Farms for her produce, as well.

Some of her most popular flavors include her Zucchini-Apple-Kiwi and Avocado-Pineapple-Kale. The first mixture has an apple sauce texture whereas the second is creamier. Since they utilize fresh and flavorful ingredients, her products aren’t just popular for babies but for kindergarteners as well.

Each pouch is $3 or you can buy 10 for $25

You can order their products through their Facebook Page or email them at


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