Carmike’s refreshments might get a little more interesting in Hoover

Hoover Birmingham AL Carmike might start serving Beer and Wine
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Traditional refreshments at Carmike’s two Hoover locations might start including beer and wine. Carmike is now proposing to the City of Hoover permission to serve alcohol at their locations.

In the past year, all across Alabama, Carmike has been starting to sell both wine and beer at some of their locations. The change has reached Auburn and Montgomery and now possibly Hoover and Orange Beach. The successful venture in both those cities is a positive reinforcement of the idea to move forward in Hoover, AL.

Hoover Movie Theaters might serve beer and wine Birmingham al
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Both Carmikes at Patton Creek and Village at Lee Branch are being considered during the proposal.

Currently, there are some recommended restrictions for the safety of patrons which include each theater selling drinks from only one register, a limit of one drink per identification shown and limiting those enjoying their alcoholic beverage’s access to the tables within the lobby/arcade area.

Wine and Beer Hoover Movie Theaters Birmingham AL
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The safety precautions are based on the fact that movie theaters are an all-age establishment and are frequented regularly by minors as well as adults.

“As we move on to the next vote we want to hear from them, and know. Again this is our community, this is very important that we get this right. And so I think it’s important that we express their concerns so that we can address them at this stage”

– Hoover City Councilman Mike Shaw

So, what do you think Bham? Yay or Nay?

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