7 Tips to Prevent Holiday Crime this Christmas Season

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Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas this year, or any other. Follow these helpful tips to help prevent those Holiday crimes.

  1. Don’t leave packages on your doorstep

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Unfortunately, package thieves are a thing so be sure you don’t leave any packages laying around. If you won’t be home when your packages arrive be sure to ask a friend or trusted neighbor to pick them up for you.

2. Don’t display holiday gifts near windows or doorways

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I am sure you’ve driven past many homes with a beautiful Christmas tree on display. What you don’t think is all the gifts that are also on display for burglars to see. Be sure to store your gifts in a safe place especially before you go on a holiday trip.

3.  Leave a couple of lights on when you leave

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This is a trick to make sure your home appears to be occupied while your away. Leaving a TV or Radio on works, too! Burglars are less likely to target a home where it looks/sounds like someone is home.

4. Avoid leaving boxes from purchases on the curb

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Leaving these types of boxes are like giving a burglar a look inside your home. Be sure to break these down as much as possible so not to draw attention to your home.

5. Don’t announce holiday trips on Social Media

Holiday Crime Prevention Tips
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You never know who is listening. If you are going on a trip during the holidays, don’t make it known via any social media platforms. No one needs to know how long your house will be empty this Christmas.

6. Lock your car doors

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Even in the “safest” neighborhoods car break-ins are prevalent during the holidays. For apartment complexes especially, be sure to lock your doors and hide any valuable belongings that may be inside.

7. If you see someone or something suspicious call the police

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Keep your neighborhood safe by noting anything out of the ordinary to the local authorities. There are both emergency and non-emergency numbers for you to call.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!

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