Guess who is ranked 18th Nationally in Research Funding?

Nationally Ranked seems to be the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s middle name. After vaulting 36 spots in the U.S News & World Report’s Best Global Universities, this green and gold school has recently landed the 18th position in research funding  by the National Science Foundation.

From 2013, federally funded expenditures have gone from around 290.1 million to over $328.5 million last year. Since then the amount exceeded $516 million.

research funding UAB grows 18th
Courtesy of UAB

By targeting specific initiatives and creating an extremely aggressive strategic planning process, they have earned this increase.

 “We continue to aggressively and purposefully support our students, faculty and staff involved in research, recruit prominent scientists and research teams to campus, and leverage strategic partnerships like the one we have with Southern Research to expand our results and influence.”

– Ray L. Watts, President of UAB

UAB now ranks sixth among Southeastern universities, reaching towards, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Emory. With a new Vice President of Research starting in January, there is only more room to grow.

Bravo, UAB!

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