8 Relatable Posts about “Friendsgivings”

Friendsgivings Alabama

When you and your friends get together, it is bound to be a good time. Add some Thanksgiving fixings to the mix and it’s bound to get a whole lot better. Whether you’ve hosted your very own Friendsgiving or have always wanted to have one, here are 8 relatable posts about your second favorite holiday in November.

1. When everyone knows it is just as important as Thanksgiving

2.  When your the only friend who can’t cook

3. When flying solo wasn’t an option


4. When you have to define the word food for your friends


5. When you learn a new recipe for the occasion


6. When you are a diabolical guest

7. When your prep gets wild


8. When you’re bitter bc you’ve never had one


Happy Friendsgiving, all!

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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