Train Your Yard to Defeat Drought. You can do it. Yes, you!

By: Bill Finch

Wouldn’t it be great if you could train your yard to be more resistant to drought?

grass watering, puppy, birmingham, drought
Courtesy of Pexels

Expecting our modern lawns and gardens to weather a drought is like expecting a hopeless couch potato to run a marathon. The way we water our yards has actually created weak and breathless plants that can’t survive under normal conditions, much less when things take a turn toward drought.

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Don’t Spray and Pray. How to water.

By: Bill Finch

Trickle down politics may not have helped your pocketbook, but trickle-down watering will make all the difference in how your plants survive this drought.

Dripper hose. Courtesy of Lowes

Trickle-down watering is simple: You simply set the end of your hose on the plant you want to water, and you let the water trickle out, drip, drip, drip. Sort of like a leaky faucet. And it affects your water bill about like a leaky faucet: You’ll barely notice.

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