New entrepreneur training center coming to Birmingham

The Link will be opening in Huffman as an entrepreneur training facility. (Carter Matthews / Bham Now)

A new training center for up-and-coming entrepreneurs is coming to the Huffman area. Keep reading to find out more about The Link.

The Link

Location of The Link. (Carter Matthews / Bham Now)

Reported by the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ), the center will be a place for businesses of all kinds to receive resources to expand and grow–particularly those led by minority entrepreneurs. It is a partnership between owners J.D. and Dee Fomby.

The center is located at 525 Huffman Road. Formerly Bel Aire Cleaners, The Link is a two-story building totaling 7,000 square feet, which was chosen due to its important history in the surrounding community. Resources available at The Link will include:

  • training
  • networking
  • seminars
  • private office spaces and conference rooms
  • merchandise resources
  • podcast and photography studio

About the owners

J.D. and Dr. Dee Fomby are no strangers to local entrepreneurship.

According to Dr. Fomby’s website, she works full-time in the tax industry, where she helps others start, build and grow. Dr. Fomby founded the IRS Tax Academy in 2016, which was the first independently-owned continuing education in Alabama with the IRS and was also recognized by Governor Kay Ivey.

Some of Dr. Fomby’s businesses endeavors include:

  • The Pink CBD Store
  • The Connect
  • Small Business Hub
  • Accurate Tax Services
  • Prophetic Street Gear
  • Snow White Teeth Solutions

“We really wanted to create a space that promotes ingenuity and creativity–and that’s kind of how we’ve set up in here. We wanted it to be something that made people think because that’s what we want them to do.”

Statement by Dee Fomby in the Birmingham Business Journal.

Location: 525 Huffman Rd, Center Point, AL 35215

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