3 startups around Birmingham you need to know

Kai XR
Kai XR brings the future of education to Birmingham Schools. (Ed Farm)

We found a few Birmingham startups taking the Magic City business world by storm. Whether they hatched right here in Birmingham or made their move after seeing the growing tech-scene, it’s just the beginning for these three companies.

1. Kai XR

Kai XR is an educational platform that transforms classrooms into immersive learning environments, and Birmingham City Schools is the first school district to use it!

With Kai XR, students can:

  • Take virtual field trips
  • Design with the virtual makerspace
  • Jumpstart skills with the VR STEAM programming
  • Create portfolios/projects

Birmingham Bound, Ed Farm and Tech Birmingham each played key roles in bringing founder Kai Frazier to the Magic City and with her innovative program, local students are reaching for the stars.

2. CModel Data, Inc.

CModel is developing a data modeling and business intelligence tool, named CORA, that utilizes AI to apply client-generated data to perform business strategy simulations. CORA allows business managers to determine the actions required to achieve specific business outcomes.

How does CORA work?

  • Users interact with CORA through a typed prompt interface.
  • Once a prompt is entered, CORA asks a series of questions of the user that start as generalized, high-level questions with multiple-choice answers + then deeper inquiries.
  • Based on the answers provided by the user, CORA runs simulations to illustrate what business conditions need to be met to achieve the goals.

CEO Teasha Cable and the San Francisco-based development made the move to Birmingham, thanks to the efforts of Birmingham Bound and the Alabama Futures Fund (AFF). AFF recently placed an investment in CModel to support this move.

3. Heiss Mug

Heiss Mug Birmingham startups
Keep up with this Birmingham startup’s journey. (Heiss Mug)

Heiss Mug is a battery-powered, coffee pod brewing thermos that heats and filters coffee internally so you can brew wherever, whenever.

Supported by local businesses Builders + Backers and Heartland Forever, Heiss Mug engineer Shannon Reardon wants to make sure you have the perfect cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

According to a press release, Heiss Mug official launch is still in the works. But, the coffee mug of your dreams could be released for full production next year. 

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