NEW: AHKI’s New York-style street food celebrates grand opening downtown

ahkis bowl
AHKI’s in Birmingham offers lamb, beef and chicken options. (JeVante Shropshire/ Bham Now)

There’s a new spot in downtown Birmingham and it’s serving up New York-style Mediterranean street food. The family-owned restaurant, AHKI’s, is now open on 20th Street N across from Paramount.

Bringing New York-style Mediterranean eats to Birmingham

AHKI’s is not entirely new to the city—according to co-owner Ahmed Hamed in the Birmingham Business Journal, his family relocated from New York to Birmingham over 20 years ago and brought the Mediterranean-inspired street cuisine with them.

When they came to Birmingham, his father opened New York Style Deli. Revitalized and reopened as AHKI’s, the eatery has been revitalized and is ready to serve you delicious classic recipes.

We’re from the Mediterranean…that’s where my mother’s from, that’s where my father’s from, so all of this stuff we grew up eating, and then my father, he brought the bodega type of environment to Birmingham in 1999. It was nothing like it over here in the city, and he brought the hot bar, one meat and two veggies, all the subs, all the sandwiches, chopped cheese, all of it.

AHKI’s co-owner Ahmed Hamed quoted in the BBJ

Menu, hours + more

ahki's downtown
AHKI’s is now open! (JeVante Shropshire/ Bham Now)

So, what’s for dinner? AHKI’s serves made-from-scratch family recipes featuring gyros, hummus and rice bowls topped with fresh tomatoes and peppers and their signature white magic sauce. Want to spice it up? Try out their spicy harissa hot sauce.

For a sneak peek, check out our visit to AHKI’s on Instagram reels.

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