4 beautiful reasons you need to shop Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Fall Plant Sale, Sept. 7-9


Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Shop a variety during the Fall Plant Sale. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

Calling all plant lovers! The Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Fall Plant Sale returns September 7-9. Read on to discover plants for sale, when to shop and more reasons you’ll dig this fern-tastic event.

Event Details

Simply gorgeous. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

  • What: Fall Plant Sale
  • When:
    • Member Early-Bird Shopping: Thursday, September 7, 1-5:30PM
    • Public Sale: Friday, September 8, 8AM-5:30PM | Saturday, September 9, 8AM-2PM
  • Where: Birmingham Botanical Gardens, 2612 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223
  • Cost: Free admission
  • Payment by check and credit card only for purchases during event

1. You’ll help keep the Gardens blooming

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fall Plant Sale
Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Fall Plant Sale. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

Filled with a variety of unique gardens overflowing with stunning plants and flowers, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) is easily one of the most enchanting local spots. By shopping the Fall Plant Sale, you’ll help keep this beloved place blooming year-round.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. A mission-driven, membership-based organization, it seeks to protect, nurture and share the wonders of the Gardens. In other words, they keep it flourishing.

Want to support the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens? Shop the Fall Plant Sale, September, 7-9.

2. You’ll discover an endless variety of plants.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens' Fall Plant Sale
Shop plants, big and small. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

Whether you’re seeking shrubs for your newly-landscaped yard or want some small potted flowers to decorate your office, you’ll discover dozens of varieties of plants—all specifically selected for our region.

From herbs to ferns, here ­are some you’ll find at the sale:

  • natives
  • perennials
  • shrubs
  • tropicals

INSIDE TIP: Bring a portable cart or wagon along with you to the sale to make shopping easier.

3. You’ll gain expert tips from seasoned gardeners.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fall Plant Sale
Seasoned gardeners are on site and ready to help during the sale. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

As someone who has trouble keeping a cactus alive, BBG’s Fall Plant Sale is a wonderful place to enhance your gardening skills. During the event, there will be experts on site who will answer all your questions and provide tried-and-true tips and tricks on plant care. Many have even trained under the Jefferson County Master Gardener program. 

“Shopping the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Fall Plant Sale is a chance to discover and learn about plants, many specially grown at and propagated from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.”

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

For all your plant needs, attend BBG’s Fall Plant Sale, September 7-9.

4. If you become a member, you’ll receive BIG perks.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Amelia Haas, Office Coordinator for the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

Looking for yet another reason to shop the sale? If you become a member before or at the event, you’ll receive these two big perks during the Fall Plant Sale:

  1. Priority shopping on Thursday, September 7 from 1-5:30PM. How can you say no to first dibs on hundreds of plants?
  2. A free Satsuki Azalea (Rhododendron indicum ‘Osakazuki’) courtesy of Leaf & Petal.

Interested in learning more BBG membership perks? Here are some to get excited about:

  • Free/discounted admission to 340+ botanical gardens across North America
  • Access to exclusive members-only classes, events + tours
  • Discounts on select classes and workshops for adults + children
  • Free general admission to Antiques at the Gardens
  • And more

Become a member or update your membership here.

Discover more events at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens—visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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