Secrets behind Rodney Scott’s BBQ success including food + fire


RS cover photo 2 Secrets behind Rodney Scott’s BBQ success including food + fire
Feel the smoke. (Rodney Scott’s BBQ)

Nobody would argue that BBQ is one of the South’s favorite comfort foods. At Rodney Scott’s, whole hog BBQ is a craft that they’ve turned into a delicious business. We went behind the pit to find out from the people putting in smoky, hard work how they get their food to taste great.

Meet Tyler Ashton, the CEO of Rodney Scott’s BBQ

Tyler Ashton is no stranger when it comes to delicious ribs. He’s been in the BBQ business for 16 years and is approaching 30 years as a chef.

His love for food and passion for the industry are what keep him going every day and have lead him to his current role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Rodney Scott’s BBQ.

“What drives me as a chef is the opportunity in the BBQ business to teach people and create opportunities. The art of BBQ is something very special, unique, difficult and challenging.”

Tyler Ashton, CEO, Rodney Scott’s BBQ

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The cooking process starts with the fire

Cooking meat is an all day and all night job at Rodney Scott’s. The pitmasters cook all types of proteins that can range from three-14 hours in the pit.

The process starts around 7PM, continues overnight and finishes around 10AM. The opening pitmaster fires the pit back up first thing in the morning to 250 degrees to get the meats super hot. The chicken wings and ribs are then thrown on to start cooking for the day.

Check out how the pitmaster gets the meat ready

“All of our proteins get a dry rub on them prior to cooking. We don’t marinate our meats. Throughout the 14 hours on the fire, we mop them with a Carolina-style pepper vinegar. “

Paul Yeck, Executive Chef, Pihakis Restaurant Group

Each meat has its own unique flavor and sauce. For example: the chicken and poultry is paired with white sauce and their hog is served with Rodney’s Sauce, the original BBQ sauce.

Make your list of must-try menu items

IMG 3912 Secrets behind Rodney Scott’s BBQ success including food + fire
Melt in your mouth ribs. (Bham Now)

It might take a few visits to try all your favorites on the menu because everything is delicious. Personally, I love the Loaded Tater Truck. It doesn’t get better than a baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and scallion loaded with your choice of meat. Hear from the experts what they recommend from the menu:

“The two meat combo, ribs and chicken, collard greens and potato salad is always my go to. Our fresh salads and scratch made dressings are amazing. You can choose any of our proteins on those chicken, turkey, brisket, steak or ribeye.”

Tyler Ashton, CEO, Rodney Scott’s BBQ

“The BBQ is in the center of the menu and everything around it compliments the meal. There’s all kinds of hidden gems on this menu from the catfish sandwich to the steak sandwich and the wings. The hush puppies are killer, they are a great way to start your meal.”

Paul Yeck, Executive Chef, Pihakis Restaurant Group

Explore the full menu.

Know before you go

 The pitmasters are cooking over live fire and you can taste the true art of BBQ in their food. Head on over to a Rodney Scott’s BBQ near you to check out their unique style of BBQ for yourself.

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