Hear the inspiring stories of Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie + don’t miss this special event on August 19


chris biggins and alie b gorrie
Chris Biggins and Alie Gorrie. (Bham Now)

On August 19, United Ability will hold its annual Journey of Hope fundraiser presented by Medical Properties Trust and Regions Bank to celebrate the thousands of journeys taken by loved ones with disabilities and their families who benefit from United Ability. We sat down with Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie, who will be hosting the show this year, to learn more about their personal journeys and what it means to be leading such a special event.

A full-circle story

For 75 years, United Ability has been connecting people with disabilities to their communities and empowering them to live their lives to the absolute fullest. Both Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie have been empowered by United Ability and are counting down the days to take on the Journey of Hope stage and share that hope with others.

Meet Chris

United Ability
Chris Biggins and Shep Maddox at the Country Club of Birmingham. (United Ability)

Chris was born with cerebral palsy and has not let that stop him for a second. Biggins is the director of player development and the head coach of the junior golf program at the Country Club of Birmingham. PLUS—he’s currently the third-ranked player in the world, according to the World Ranking for Golfers with Disability.

When Chris moved to Birmingham, he found out about United Ability and went in for an appointment without many expectations. After the first day, he could see how much they cared for him and knew exactly what he was going through. He fell in love with the organization and was on their junior board just two years later.

“It’s unbelievable the difference that they are making, so I just want to give back in any way that I can. Last year, I was the Journey of Hope honoree. Through that, I got to spread the word about United Ability to everyone at the Country Club of Birmingham where I work and everyone in the community that I know.

The more that people hear about United Ability, the more they fall in love with it, so I’ll take any chance I can to share about it.”

Chris Biggins

Meet Alie

Screen Shot 2023 07 27 at 10.25.48 AM Hear the inspiring stories of Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie + don't miss this special event on August 19
Alie B. Gorrie. (United Ability)

Ali is low-vision and legally blind. She grew up in Birmingham and moved to New York, where she spent many years performing and doing disability-focused theater, where she was not only able to learn more about the low-vision community, but the disabled community as a whole.

Alie B. never thought she’d end up back in Birmingham after moving to NYC, but that move is what led her to United Ability.

“The pandemic brought me back to Birmingham, which has been the biggest gift. I wanted to continue serving this community as a whole, because we grow the most when we’re working together.

I found United Ability, they asked me to perform at their gala, and the rest is history. I love United Ability, I love their work, and will continue to be a champion for it.”

Alie B. Gorrie

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Journey of Hope is a special event for all

IMG 0822 Hear the inspiring stories of Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie + don't miss this special event on August 19
Journey of Hope is a Bham-favorite event every year. (united Ability)

Chris said his first Journey of Hope in 2017 blew him away, and the annual event has continued to do so each year.

“It takes you though an emotional roller coaster every time.

There’s so much joy when you’re around the United Ability family. They share some incredible stories, then you have the performers just dominating on stage, which is unbelievable. Then you go into the awards and get a look into the lives of people who have served others so well, which gets pretty emotional.”

Chris Biggins

Alie B. noted how special it will be for participants to look up and see two very different hosts with different disabilities rocking the stage and following their dreams.

“I want this to encourage people wit disabilities to live into the possibilities of what they can do instead of the limits. It’s so easy to hear all the things that you can’t do, but to live into and see all the things that you can do is what is going to propel you forward to work really hard and achieve your goals.”

Alie B. Gorrie

Don’t miss it

JourneyOfHope 20230630 094229 Hear the inspiring stories of Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie + don't miss this special event on August 19
Get your tickets now. (Bham Now)

We cannot wait to see these two and hear some incredible stories on August 19. That’s not all… VitĂłria Bueno, a Brazilian ballerina born without arms, who gained international recognition on America’s Got Talent: All-Star is bringing her talent to the event as well. Let’s just say, you’re going to want to be there.

Learn more about Journey of Hope 2023 and secure your seat for an amazing night.

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