Come see this amazing Brazilian ballerina on August 19


Meet VitĂłria Bueno. (Stefan Gregorowius / RTL+, TVNow)

VitĂłria Bueno, an 18-year-old ballerina who was born without arms due to a genetic condition, is a huge deal in Brazil and  is bringing her incredible talent and contagious smile to Birmingham on August 19. She’ll be performing at United Ability’s Journey of Hope, and you’re going to want to be there to see it. Keep reading to meet VitĂłria and learn how you can see her rock the stage.

VitĂłria’s Journey of Hope

Vitória Bueno has built an impressive social media presence since her appearance on America’s Got Talent: All Stars, where her inspiring performance wowed the judges. But, her journey started long before then.

All the way from Santa Rita do Sapucai in Brazil, VitĂłria was born with phocomelia, a condition that caused her to be born without arms. She never let that stop her. She went to school where she started physical therapy and found her passion for dance by the time she was just five years old.

“When I was younger and started doing my physical therapy, I started to discover that I loved to dance. I’ve always loved it, but I didn’t know anything about ballet. My physical therapist connected me with a ballet instructor and it took off from there.”

VitĂłria Bueno

She noted how important it is, as a person with disabilities, to have a strong support system of people that are going to be there along the way. Her mom remains one of her biggest fans.

“My mom was very uncertain about ballet. I think she was probably just afraid of something happening. Her main concerns were things like balance, and me not being able to dance the way that everyone else did. We didn’t have much money and ballet is a very expensive sport, but she let me take it on and I fell in love immediately, so she has always been very supportive.”

VitĂłria Bueno

Get your tickets to see VitĂłria take the stage in The Magic City on August 19.

An inspiration to all

IMG 0064 Come see this amazing Brazilian ballerina on August 19
VitĂłria has been gracing the stage since she was five years old. (VitĂłria Bueno)

During my brief conversation with VitĂłria, it was quickly clear that she’s the kind of girl who lights up a room and brings joy to any conversation.

Ballet has helped the dancer not only realize her dream, but learn other skills including flexibility, strength, work ethic and more. Did we mention she does everything—from eating and brushing her teeth to doing her hair and makeup—with her feet? Talk about impressive.

Despite her disabilities, VitĂłria has danced on some of the biggest stages, inspiring people with every move.

“We are so much bigger than our disabilities. Things are not easy, everyone is on their own journey. It is so important to have people that believe in you, and to believe in yourself. It wasn’t easy to get here, but I never gave up.”

VitĂłria Bueno

See VitĂłria dance at Journey of Hope, August 19

713 10595 Come see this amazing Brazilian ballerina on August 19
Don’t miss this. (Mayara Falsarella)

Witness firsthand how VitĂłria’s awe-inspiring journey and overcoming of obstacles have become a beacon of hope for others at United Ability’s Journey of Hope on August 19. Plus, hear from Birmingham’s own Chris Biggins and Alie B. Gorrie as they co-host this FAMILY-FRIENDLY event.

“I am so happy, a little nervous, to come to Birmingham. I can’t wait to meet everyone and inspire others with disabilities that anything is possible. If you really love something, you can find ways to make it happen. Everyone should be able to follow their dreams without being held back.”

VitĂłria Bueno

Learn more about Journey of Hope 2023 and secure your seat for an unforgettable evening.

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