Why one Birmingham parent believes music lessons are essential


Mason music 2 1 Why one Birmingham parent believes music lessons are essential
Ready to rock? (Mason Music)

Last month, we told you all about a Mason Music teacher and student duo who love summer music lessons. Now, with the school year rolling in, it’s time to decide which extracurriculars your kids can be involved in. The answer is easy: music lessons with Mason Music. Read on for proof on why this is the best decision you’ll make all year.

The staff meets you where you are

Mason Music
That student/teacher bond is unmatched. (Mason Music)

Cameron Cole has spent the past three years getting to know the culture and community of Mason Music. With two children participating in music lessons, one thing reigns true: Mason Music has an amazing staff.

“They hire tremendous teachers, not just great musically, but wonderful people that encourage and invest in your child.”

Cameron Cole, parent

It can be hard for a student to trust their teacher, or even commit to learning an instrument. The teachers at Mason Music recognize this and are committed to keeping the student’s interests in mind.

All the more reason to try your hand at something new with Mason Music!

Music lessons make you more well-rounded

Mason Music
Teach ’em young. (Mason Music)

The tough part of booking lessons during the school year is the dozens of other extracurriculars you and your kids have committed to. What makes music lessons stand out? Cameron has some thoughts.

This engages them in a way that’s a little different than what they get at school. It’s great for them to produce something that’s beautiful, not competitive and somewhere they can have an outlet for creative expression.”

Cameron Cole, parent

The benefits of being involved in lessons goes beyond just learning music. The challenge of learning a new skill teaches patience, facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas.

“I think there’s a good challenge and risk to putting themselves out there. I love seeing my children grow in their confidence and self-initiative.”

Cameron Cole, parent

Personal, positive, professional

Another thing Cameron emphasized is how organized and well-run Mason Music is. Recognizing the long-term benefits that come with putting his kids in music lessons, he coined Mason Music as “personal, positive and professional.” A pretty decent tagline, if you ask me.

Check out these interviews with teachers and students to learn more about this affirming atmosphere.

Sign up for music lessons today

Mason Music
Vocal camp is for your future shining stars. (Mason Music)

Want to take the next step? Sign up for music lessons with Mason Music. They offer lessons in the following crafts:

  • Drum
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Voice

Looking for something else? They offer education experiences in addition to private music lessons. These experiences include:

Whether it be through movies, private lessons or live performances, music sits at the heartbeat of people’s stories. At Mason Music, you can expect storytelling in the best way they know how: making music.

“Lessons with Mason Music are an easy way for your child to be involved with the arts in a way that feels cool, yet still has developmental benefits. I see it as something that’s central to watching my kids mature.”

Cameron Cole, parent

Learn more about music lessons, events and the mission of Mason Music at their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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