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We all know summer is a time to relax, take a deep breath away from school and find something fun to do. If you’re looking for something fun to keep you or your kids busy while keeping the mind sharp, we have just the thing for you. Mason Music offers music lessons to spend your summer learning. Keep reading for insights from a local student and teacher at Mason Music. You’ll want to book your own lessons ASAP.

Meet Marielle

Marielle Vientos started music lessons with Mason Music when she 12 years old. Now, at 15, she reflects on how she’s grown throughout her time in the studio.

“The teachers always take time to get to know me, even if I’m not their student. And for my teachers, they were patient with me and always encouraged me.”

Marielle Vientos, student, Mason Music

Vientos expressed how each teacher has a genuine bond with all students—not just their own. The support she’s received throughout the past three years as a student has helped her in the growth and love for music.

“It’s not surface level. The teachers have a genuine care for their students. It’s definitely a community.”

Marielle Vientos, student, Mason Music

Now taking lessons for bass guitar and voice, Vientos is one of many students who have been encouraged to grow by teachers at Mason Music. Her voice teacher Julianne Heany was just as excited to brag on Vientos and their time in the studio together.

“I watched Marielle go from not wanting to sing alone in the classroom to singing lead on “I Will Survive,” giving me chills and making me cry. That was the greatest moment.”

Julianne Heany, instructor, Mason Music

What makes Mason Music stand out?

Mason Music
The staff meets you where you are. (Mason Music)

Heany, a certified music therapist and Mason Music voice and piano teacher, has been with Mason Music for almost two years now and expressed her love for her career and working with students.

“Teaching others to process emotions through music while learning a new skill and growing their confidence has the potential to foster additional opportunities such as meeting new friends or joining a music camp.

Julianne Heany, instructor, Mason Music

It can be hard for a student to trust their teacher, or even commit to learning an instrument. Heany and other teachers at Mason Music recognize this and are committed to keeping the student’s interests in mind. All the more reason to try your hand at learning something new with Mason Music!

“Something I believe makes Mason Music a little bit different than other studios is we take into consideration the student’s preference. If they don’t enjoy the music they’re playing, they’re not going to enjoy practicing.”

Julianne Heany, instructor, Mason Music

Ready to start your music lessons?

Summer music lessons
Take music lessons at Mason Music. You’ll be a pro in no time. (Mason Music)

Want to take the next step or cross something off your bucketlist? Sign up for summer music lessons with Mason Music today. They offer lessons in the following crafts:

  • Drum
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Voice

Looking for something other than private music lessons? Mason Music offers unique music education experiences in addition to their award winning private lessons. These experiences include:

“Whatever is preventing you—nerves, lack of direction—we will meet you where you are. At Mason, my purpose is to make sure the students can go home and play for fun. Making music does not have to be a job.”

Julianne Heany, instructor, Mason Music

Music is an essential part of the human experience. People have been telling stories and sharing feelings through singing, dancing and music for years. At Mason Music, you can expect storytelling in the best way they know how: making music.

Learn more about music lessons, events and the mission of Mason Music at their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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