NEW BIZ: Salt Clothing Company now open in Meadowbrook

Salt Clothing
Shop Salt Clothing Co. (Grace Howard / Bham Now)

Get ready to shop—a new women’s boutique is open for business in Meadowbrook. Read on for a peek at what they sell and more.

About the boutique

According to the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ), Salt Clothing was cofounded by Amanda and Madison Hardenburgh—a mother/daughter-in-law duo from Chelsea. 

Selling women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, Madison Hardenbergh told the BBJ that Salt Clothing strives to serve a wide age range.

“I’m 26, and my mother-in-law is 57. So we really kind of wanted to target that middle range. We really wanted pieces that people could have in their wardrobe forever, that wouldn’t go out of style the next year.”

Madison Hardenbergh

While there’s not much to see on Salt Clothing Co’s website just yet, you should give their social pages a browse. You’ll find lots of great posts showing off everything from new arrivals to tent sales and more.

Shop details

Want to shop Salt Clothing Co? Here’s what to know before you go:

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