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A new venture for Landing. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Birmingham-based company Landing—behind the first membership for flexible apartment living—unveiled an industry-first corporate housing offering that’s changing the game for employee relocation and work assignments. We spoke with Torger Philosophos, Landing’s Vice President of Sales, to see how it’s already making a difference in Birmingham. Read on for details.

Changing the game

Chances are, you’ve caught a glimpse of Landing’s logo in the Birmingham skyline. Founded in 2019, Landing offers an industry-first all-inclusive, flexible living experience via membership. Now, they’ve introduced their newest venture: Flex.

Unlike traditional corporate housing solutions that require a fixed reservation, Flex delivers unprecedented flexibility by enabling members to seamlessly book open-ended stays, eliminating the need to specify an end date upfront, or requiring a multi-month commitment. 

We spoke with Torger Philosophos, Landing’s Vice President of Sales, to learn more about it and what it means for Birmingham and beyond.

“Corporate housing has historically been a slog, with spotty availability across apartment complexes and providers, poorly designed experiences, and outdated accommodations with strict commitments and inconsistent quality. Flex unlocks unprecedented flexibility and convenience for our corporate partners.”

Torger Philosophos, Vice President of Sales, Landing

Designed to bring a more convenient, cost-effective solution to the corporate housing marketplace, Flex unlocks access to Landing’s selection of 20K+ apartments in 375+ cities nationwide for bookings from 30 days to indefinitely, without the need to know when the stay will end in advance.

“The cool thing about this is that there’s no end date needed. You can commit to a minimum period of time that you need, and then just provide Landing with a 14 day notice when you need to end that reservation. It enables people to have the ultimate flexibility.”

Torger Philosophos, Vice President of Sales, Landing

Making a difference in Birmingham

Flex is already making a difference for local companies in The Magic City.

“With one of our clients here in Birmingham, Brasfield & Gorrie, we work with a lot of their project managers to help place their crews out on job sites. Oftentimes in the construction business, timelines are extended and they are not a fixed period. This product is exactly catered to solve that need.”

Torger Philosophos, Vice President of Sales, Landing

Philosophos let us know that Landing is looking forward to unleashing the product to the world, especially Birmingham, since it’s their backyard. With headquarters here in Birmingham, they’re well acquainted with companies and people in the area. The company moved its corporate HQ from San Francisco to Birmingham last year, with a goal of creating 816 new full-time jobs in the Magic City.

With several movies being filmed in Birmingham and more on the way, Flex is helping those in the entertainment industry, as well.

Flexible + convenient

The corporate housing industry was traditionally reliant on people submitting forms to a provider, waiting on availability and for them to circle back with options that may work.

“What’s really unique about Landing is that multiple housing coordinators can find, reserve and manage all their reservations on our self serve platform. They don’t have to pick up the phone and call anyone or wait on a response. All of our units are displayed in real time with pricing availability.”

Torger Philosophos, Vice President of Sales, Landing

Since Landing launched in 2019, the rental real estate market has experienced a steady increase in demand for flexible options across the country. While vacation rental companies have pivoted their offerings to meet the demand for longer-term stays, Landing is the only company to deliver a consistent, quality living experience coast to coast.

“Having experienced skyrocketing demand among individual renters, expanding our offering to the business world is a natural step as we rethink how people will live, work, and travel in the future.”

Bill Smith, Founder + CEO, Landing

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