Landing, newest venture by Shipt founder Bill Smith, aims to simplify rental market

1x 1 Landing, newest venture by Shipt founder Bill Smith, aims to simplify rental market
Landing makes a cute apartment like this just clicks away. Photo via Landing

Shipt founder Bill Smith is looking to transform the rental market with his latest startup, Landing. With Landing, Smith wants to make it easier for traveling professionals to find housing–without being locked into a typical lease. Read on to find out how it works.

First, let’s talk about housing. Whether you buy or rent, it’s a pretty big commitment. You’ve got to lug in all your furniture, set everything up and get settled down. Although you could live in an RV or a similar mobile home, that doesn’t appeal to most people.

If you want to feel at home in a comfortable space, it means sacrificing flexibility. Or, at least it used to.

Landing is Bill Smith’s answer to flexible housing.

The Fennec Event Space

What is Landing?

This New York City apartment comes fully furnished and equipped with all your basic living amenities. Photo via Landing

“The whole point of renting is to have freedom and flexibility and the way it is today, you don’t have flexibility because you’re locked into a lease.

Bill Smith

During his time at Shipt, Bill Smith had a hard time finding housing in San Francisco. So, he had an idea–what about flexible housing for professionals on the move?

Since Smith recently sold Shipt to Target for $550 million, he used some of that cash to fund his new idea. With Landing, members have access to a wide range of apartments in several cities. This is perfect for traveling professionals who can’t afford a month-long hotel bill, but don’t want to sign a three-month lease in a different city.

The Fennec Event Space

How Does it Work?

Bill Smith
The homepage of Landing. Photo via Landing

Members pay a flat membership fee of $199 per year. With that, they get access to a huge network of fully-furnished, one and two-bedroom apartments that are ready to move in to at any time.

Although a member still has to pay rent for the apartment they live in, they don’t have to put down a deposit or get locked into a lease. With Landing, a member can stay for a minimum of 30 days–or as long as they like.

What are the Apartments Like?

aertson midtown 1611 09 Landing, newest venture by Shipt founder Bill Smith, aims to simplify rental market
For fun, I checked out the apartments in my hometown of Nashville. This one gives you access to all of downtown Nashville’s activities, without the hassle of finding a hotel. Photo via Landing

Each apartment is meant to feel like home (with none of the hassle.) So, each one includes:

  • A comfy bed with cozy linens
  • A smart TV and high-speed internet
  • Kitchen appliances, cutlery and tableware
  • Quality furniture and decor
  • 24/7 concierge support

In short–Landing apartments feel like home.

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When Can I Try Out Landing?

standard unit o placeholder 01 Landing, newest venture by Shipt founder Bill Smith, aims to simplify rental market
Through Landing, you could rent this apartment at Vestavia Reserve–no strings attached. Photo via Landing

Here’s the good news: you could move into a new apartment today. So far, Landing has 200 apartments available in Birmingham, Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City and San Francisco. And by the end of 2020, they plan to be operating 4,000 apartments in 30 cities throughout the globe.

Landing has high-quality apartments in Birmingham starting at $1,290/month, such as:

  • The Waites
  • 20-Midtown
  • The Denham Building
  • Vestavia Reserve
  • Lane Parke
  • Flats on 4th
  • Park 35 on Clairmont
  • The Pizitz

Next time you explore a new city for a month or more, use Landing and say–”Honey, I’m home!”

Broadway in Birmingham

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