9 of the best summer dishes you can try in Birmingham restaurants right now

Pizza Grace Salad 9 of the best summer dishes you can try in Birmingham restaurants right now
Pizza Grace’s Local Summer Salad (Cliff Martin / Bham Now)

Salads. Vegetable Plates. Powerbowls. No matter which green you prefer, we have the info. Read on for our take on the best summer veggie menu items.

1. The Farmer’s Market Salad at Bistro V

Craving a garden-fresh summertime salad? The Farmer’s Market Salad at Bistro V has you covered. Made with juicy cherry tomatoes, roasted corn kernels, buttery black eyed peas and crispy in-season fried okra, this vegetable medley is tossed in a light and delicious vinaigrette. 

2. Real and Rosemary’s Summer Salad

Real and Rosemary
Real and Rosemary storefront. (Lindsay Miller / Bham Now)

Want a salad that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Real and Rosemary’s Summer Salad includes fresh watermelon, peaches and pecans combined with heirloom tomatoes, mint, feta and spring mix, all tossed in a lemony vinaigrette. 

3. Pizza Grace’s Local Summer Salad

Pizza Grace’s Local Summer Salad shares this fresh sweetness. With an assortment of shaved kohlrabi, fresh peaches, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, enormous candied pecans and sourdough parmesan croutons drizzled in strawberry beet ginger vinaigrette, you’re in for a delicious treat!

4. Soho Social Wedge Salad

If you’re looking for a hardier salad, Soho Social’s Wedge consists of a huge 1/2 head of split crisp iceberg. With chopped bacon, gorgonzola crumbles, grape tomatoes, candied walnuts, cornbread croutons and cool ranch dressing, you will feel full and happy.

5. Real and Rosemary’s vegetable plate

Real and Rosemary is making a second appearance on this list for its exquisite vegetable plate. Customers choose four different garden sides, from options brussels sprouts slaw, green peas, corn polenta cake, charred carrots with thyme, seasonal succotash, smashed red potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fried okra and sweet potato casserole. You can’t go wrong!

6. Ted’s vegetable plate

Some veggie options at Ted’s. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Do you like your greens southern-style? If so, Ted’s vegetable plate is for you. Squash casserole, cream potatoes and collard greens are all potential options. You won’t be disappointed! Plus, you’ll feel less guilty about ordering that banana pudding later. 

7. Johnny’s vegetable plate

Johnny’s Restaurant shares Ted’s southern flare. With items like Fasolakia (Stewed Green Beans & Tomatoes), Spinach and Chickpeas, Turnip Greens and Parmesan Grit Cakes, the veggies are creatively prepared for a delish and distinctive taste.

8. The Ono Poké build your own bowl

Ono Poke
An Ono Poké bowl loaded with veggies (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

The Ono Poké build your own bowl includes veggies choices like edamame, seaweed, cucumber and avocado. This japanese and hawaiian veggie fusion has an unmistakably tropical and summery taste.

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