Birmingham named 7th best burger city in U.S.

A delish Birmingham burger. (Miranda Shaffer / Bham Now)

Birmingham has been named the 7th best burger city in the U.S. by the real estate research group Clever. The Magic City beat out cities like Austin, TX and Nashville, TN. 

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The Birmingham burger metrics

Here’s how the top ten was ranked:

1 Richmond, VA
2 Milwaukee, WI
3 Denver, CO
4 Oklahoma City, OK
5 Louisville, KY
6 Cincinnati, OH
7 Birmingham, AL
8 Minneapolis, MN
9 San Jose, CA
10 Las Vegas, NV

The Birmingham burger metrics

The Essential burger
The Essential burger (Callie Puryear / Bham Now)

Some of the metrics Clever used in the study include calculating the amount of burger restaurants for a certain number of citizens. For, example, Birmingham includes 12.3 burger restaurants for every 100,000 citizens.

Another measuring factor was price. If they grill out at home, a Birmingham resident’s burger costs less than 3% of their average salary. This number represents purchasing ground beef at the store, while a drive-thru Big Mac in the Magic City sells for 5.5% of resident’s revenue. Compared to other cities, these percentages were significantly lower, such as ground beef in Riverside, California being priced at 4.9%.

An underrated burger city

Birmingham, Chez Fonfon, Birmingham burgers, Birmingham restaurants
Chez Fonfon’s award-winning burger. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

A survey of 1,000 Americans found only 21.1% of participants to rank Birmingham among the top single digit burger cities. The Magic City represents a hugely under-appreciated burger capital. Although officially ranked 7th, we believe Birmingham is the #1 burger city in America.

To celebrate this win and recognition, here is Bham Now’s most recent burger guide.

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