Startup roundup: 4 local startups making big moves in Birmingham

inmo4 edited Startup roundup: 4 local startups making big moves in Birmingham
A new recently-launched beta app, INMO. (INMO)

It’s time for another roundup featuring some local innovators doing big things in the business world. Keep reading for a run down of four local startups that should be on your radar.

1. Domestique Coffee

(Domestique Coffee)
(Domestique Coffee)

While you may only know Domestique as Saturn’s resident coffee shop, the sustainable coffee roasting company recently competed at the EDPA’s Alabama Launchpad Cycle 1 2023 Finale last week. Domestique, which competed against nine finalists to earn a winning spot, came out on top receiving $50,000 in funding.

Alongside coffee roasting and wholesale products, Domestique is interested in expanding their business to the next level. So what’s next for Domestique? According to co-founder Nathan Pocus, there’s a mobile app in the works.

“Winning Launchpad will allow us to finalize our mobile user app that we’ve been developing, and it’s going to take our business to the next level. Now, we’re going to be able to really unify all of our sales channels into one, easy-to-use mobile user app and start to fulfill our customer’s needs of easy access to high quality coffee.”

Domestique Co-Founder Nathan Pocus at the EDPA Alabama Launchpad Finale

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2. Cahaba Fire Company

Founded by Ryan King and Ben Horton, Cahaba Fire Company, LLC researches & develops innovative products for fire departments and first responders in order to expand first responder’s capabilities to get the job done safer, faster and more reliably. The company won the concept stage prize at the Alabama Launchpad Cycle 1 2023 Finale, taking home $25,000.

Co-founder Ryan King, who spent 14+ years as a firefighter and paramedic, saw a need for better equipment and innovations for first responders. Ryan partnered with co-founder Ben Horton for assistance in researching, developing and engineering products to aid in rescue operations. The two combined their creativity, experience and technical expertise to create Cahaba Fire Company.

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3. Under Vulcan

Under Vulcan is a commercial real estate development firm based in Birmingham owned and operated by Brian Krogsgard. According to Krogsgard, they have acquired four properties and is working to develop two of them this year– the former Weygand Surveyor building and former Appleseed Workshop building.

One of his properties, 527 Palisades Blvd on the edge of Birmingham and Homewood, he says, was cleared last Christmas and is in active architectural and engineering planning for development likely to commence early 2024.

Alongside real estate development and landscaping, Krogsgard is a local cryptocurrency investor working on Flip, a technology made to help users discover, curate and buy NFTs all in one place.



1inmo edited Startup roundup: 4 local startups making big moves in Birmingham
INMO is an emerging monetized social media platform. (INMO on Facebook)

INMO (I Need More Original) is a new startup tech company that just released its beta app, a social media platform where content is fully monetized. This twist on traditional social media encourages users to showcase original ideas and see how it actually performs without the use of content-boosting algorithms.

“We’re providing creators with a real opportunity to pursue their passions and generate income while also having more autonomy and ownership. By hosting our app on blockchain, we’re giving users the ability to actually own the content they post, which a lot of people don’t realize isn’t the case with other platforms out there.”

NMO Founder Blake Patterson

The app ultimately enables users to earn money for original content and own the content they produce. While the INMO beta app is not available to the public yet, the platform plans to expand over the next few months.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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