Krisshy the Schnauzer needs YOUR help—here’s how to lend a paw 

Krisshy the Schanuzer mix is on her way to better health and a better life. (Greater Birmingham Humane Society / Facebook)

With quick action, medical care from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) and donations from locals, an endangered dog named Krisshy is on her way to better days. Here’s a look at Krisshy’s story and how you can help by donating to her and other animal survivors like her.

Krisshy’s story

Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Things are looking up for Krisshy. (Greater Birmingham Humane Society / Facebook)

On Saturday, April 22, Krisshy, an adult Schnauzer mix, was found severely malnourished with traumatic bruising and burns over much of her body—all consistent with long-term abuse. She was also being kept in a small wire crate with no food, water or shade.

Upon hearing this, the GBHS rushed in to help, taking Krisshy in for intensive veterinary care.

Locals step up

To help Krisshy receive the vital medical treatments needed, the GBHS announced an emergency call to action asking for donations to fund her medical care and the care of survivors like her.

Though Krisshy has a long road ahead of her, the GBHS shared to its social media outlets that she is a fighter and responding well to treatments. She is currently receiving several medicated baths a day to help relieve pain, promote healing and prepare her for further treatments.

While she may have been knocked down, Krisshy’s adorable personality has always shined through.

“Krisshy has every reason to be afraid of people; instead, she is very loving and sweet. She loves pets, snuggles and rotisserie chicken.”

Greater Birmingham Humane Society on Facebook

Less than $1K from goal

The GBHS is now less than $1K away from its fundraising goal for Krisshy’s treatments and for other survivors like her.

On April 27, the GBHS shared some words of thanks:

“We want to thank the incredible team at Steel City Emergency Vets for all their dedication and hard work and for teaching Krisshy love and trust. We also want to thank everyone who has donated to Krisshy’s care and those like her. Her treatments are very expensive, and every dollar counts!

Help them reach their goal by donating now.

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