Milo’s Tea Co. installs solar array at Bessemer HQ and partners with Cahaba River Society

Milo's Tea
Solar array at the Milo’s Tea Co. Bessemer headquarters (Milo’s Tea Co.)

There is an old saying — Celebrate Earth Day Everyday. 

Nowhere is that slogan more true than at Bessemer-headquartered Milo’s Tea Company.  This Earth Week, the beloved tea company announced its commitment to sustainability by installing a new solar energy system at its Bessemer, Alabama plant and forming a local partnership with the Cahaba River Society.

“For more than 75 years, my family has been committed to providing prosperity for our associates, our customers, our loyal fans, our suppliers, and our communities. ” said Tricia Wallwork, CEO and chair of Milo’s Tea Company and granddaughter of founder Milo Carlton.

Our love of people and the planet are not new. It’s who we are and why we continue to work each day to make a difference for future generations from the tea field to your table,” she added.

Milo’s Works with Local Solar Company

Birmingham Alabama
Opening of the Milo’s Tea Company plant in Bessemer in 2017. (Milo’s Tea Company)

Milo’s is working with Birmingham-based Eagle Solar & Light to install a new solar array at its Bessemer plant. The energy system will offset 5% of the site’s purchased energy and will save the company more than $48,000 annually on energy costs. 

“It is rewarding to do a project of this scale in our own backyard with a company that shares our commitment to sustainability,” said Sam Yates, CEO of Eagle Solar & Light. “We love bringing affordable energy and jobs to Alabama. Our state is under-resourced when it comes to renewable energy, and we’re grateful to Milo’s for being a leader in change.” 

Act Locally

Cahaba River
The beautiful Cahaba River. (Cahaba River Society)

Along with its solar energy project, Milo’s has partnered locally with the Cahaba River Society to help protect and preserve the Cahaba River watershed.  

On April 19th, Milo’s associates are volunteering to participate in a Cahaba River Watershed Cleanup Day.

“Their commitment to sustainability is genuinely inspiring, and we are grateful for our collaborations to create a positive impact for Alabama’s water resources,” said Cahaba River Society’s longtime Executive Director, Beth Stewart.

Sustainability Commitment

Other Milo’s is also a Platinum Certified Zero Waste manufacturer. They presently recycle 96.1% of waste produced at their operation plants. The company has recycled or reused 33,000 tons of waste since the beginning of their stewardship program. 

That’s a staggering 66 million pounds of waste.

If you want to learn more about Milo’s sustainability programs, visit

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