3 new movies filmed in Alabama are out now on the big screen

movies 3 new movies filmed in Alabama are out now on the big screen
Which movie will you watch first? (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

From big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to indie flicks, Alabama’s film industry is booming. It’s no wonder movie producers are choosing to film in locations such as Birmingham and Mobile. With cheaper production costs—not to mention our beautiful buildings and breathtaking nature—it’s a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn more about the three new movies that were filmed in Alabama and how you can watch now them now.

1. The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Alabama-based films, the integrity of joseph chambers
(The Integrity of Joseph Chambers)

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers, released Friday, February 17, is an indie film that follows Joe Chambers and the consequences of a tragic hunting accident.

You may recognize Clayne Crawford from his time in LA working on roles in other TV series such as Lethal Weapon and Rectify. Crawford moved back to Clay County, Alabama, where the film was shot. In an interview with AL.com, Crawford discussed why he considers The Integrity of Joesph Chambers his passion project:

“My kids are in this movie. My wife produced it with me. We bought every stitch of wardrobe; we cast every actor; we picked up meals; we dropped off meals. I mean, it was all hands on deck. It just fills your heart up, when you see people that you love, loving something that you cherish, and that you hold dear to your heart. I guess that’s what defines it as a passion project for me.”

Clayne Crawford, Actor + Producer, The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Watch the trailer here.

2. Nashville Legacy

nashville legacy
Romcom meets mystery. (Nashville Legacy)

Nashville Legacy is about Naima, who discovers her grandmother’s singing past and moves to Nashville to learn more. There she meets Damian, whose dad runs a famous record label that is behind the shady misconduct of Namia’s grandmother. The two fall in love and try to uncover the secrets while navigating their relationship.

Although the movie is set in Nashville, the movie was actually filmed in Birmingham. You might remember the original name of the film “Naima in Nashville” when they were in filming in Birmingham back in December 2022. The crew shot scenes in Five Points South and other Bham locations. The movie premiers on the Hallmark Channel, Sunday, February 26 at 6PM.

Watch the trailer here.

3. Jesus Revolution

jesus revolution
Catch it on the big screen, now. (Jesus Revolution)

Jesus Revolution, which was filmed in Mobile, Alabama, is out now in theaters everywhere. Although the film is set in California, Jon Erwin, Birmingham-born filmmaker, states that Mobile “makes for a really good California”.

The movie is set in the 1970s and follows Greg Laurie, a young man looking for answers, Lonnie Frisbee, a charismatic hippie preacher and Pastor Chuck Smith, a traditional man of a conservative church. Together they open the doors of Smith’s church to an unexpected revival of radical and newfound love, leading to what TIME Magazine dubbed a Jesus Revolution.

Watch the trailer here.

More movies coming soon

  • Bruce Willis will be starring in a new movie, Assassin, which was filmed in Bessemer, Alabama and is coming to on-demand and theaters on March 31.
  • Morgan Freeman and Luke Hemsworth will be heading to The Magic City in the spring to film their new movie, Gunner.

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