Take an unforgettable musical trip to The Planets March 3-4


The Planets
Take a trip to space with Alabama Symphony Orchestra. (Alabama Symphony Orchestra)

Strap yourself in for a cosmic concert presented by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO). The Planets offers a spellbinding exploration of our solar system. Transport yourself to the stars and spend an evening listening to magnificent songs by renowned composers like Gustav Holst, Claude Debussy and Avner Dorman. Read on for a closer look at what’s in store for this celestial show and a note from ASO’s Musical Director, Carlos Izcaray.

Event Details for The Planets

A Planetary Celebration

Alabama Symphony Orchestra
You won’t want to miss this performance with Carlos Izcaray. (Alabama Symphony Orchestra)

Throughout the concert, you’ll hear planetary-themed works by three composers:

  • Gustav Holst
  • Claude Debussy
  • Avner Dorman

Begin the evening with the concert’s namesake, The Planets, composed by Gustav Holst. The intensive piece encompasses music inspired by planets within our own solar system, beginning with Mars and ending with Neptune. It captures every emotion along the spectrum, from soft melodies of peace to fiery songs of war.

Afterwards, feel the night sky with Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes.

Explore outer space and finish with the grand finale, Avner Dorman’s Astrolatry, as it portrays the twinkling stars at twilight through a stunning composition. Astrolary was initially premiered by the orchestra in 2011.

The performance will be complemented by ASO’s Chorus singing beautiful harmonious accompaniment. 

Are you ready to visit The Final Frontier? I know I am.

Each night before the evening performances, join Music Director Carlos Izcaray for Concert Comments where you can gain insight into the music.

About the Conductor, Carlos Izcaray

Carlos Izcaray and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Carlos Izcaray (Alabama Symphony Orchestra)

Since 2015, Carlos Izcaray has been a Music Director for ASO and the American Youth Symphony (AYS) since 2016. Izcaray has worked with top talents and leading music institutions such as Fundación Batuta, Neojiba in Brazil, London Schools Symphony Orchestra and Cambridge University Music Society. Izcaray’s passion for all things music is fervently conveyed through this upcoming performance of The Planets.

“We are thrilled to perform this program exploring the music of the spheres. From Holst’s iconic The Planets to Dorman’s enchanting Astrolary, there’s something wonderful and inspiring in this concert for every listener to enjoy.”

Carlos Izcaray, Music Director, ASO + AYS

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