7 delicious Middle Eastern restaurants in Birmingham

middle-eastern food
Middle Eastern food is perfect for any occasion. (Karam’s Restaurant / Facebook)

On the hunt for authentic Middle Eastern dishes? Look no further, we’ve gathered seven delicious restaurants that serve fresh, flavorful and delicious Middle Eastern entrees. Scroll to see our picks.

1. Taboon Noon O Kabob

middle-eastern food
Look at all those flavors. (Taboon O Noon Kabob / Facebook)

If you’re looking for authentic Persian, halal food, Taboon is the place to be. From delicious kabob’s to healthy koubideh sandwiches, you can’t go wrong.

What we recommend: Chicken Koubideh: seasoned ground chicken on metal skewers served with basmati rice, onion, tomatoes and fresh bread.

2. Eli’s Jerusalem Grill

I’ll take another plate, please. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill is a Birmingham staple. Every meal includes a side of homemade pita bread, which is fantastic on its own or dipped in one of the restaurant’s famous hummus dips.

What we recommend: Chicken/Beef/Lamb Shawarma Plate: thin slices of marinated, organic chicken, grass-fed beef and lamb, slow-cooked on a rotisserie. Served with homemade pita bread.

3. Makarios Kabob and Grill

middle-eastern food
Looks too good to eat…almost. (Makarios Kabob and Grill / Facebook)

Makarios Kabob and Grill, founded by a team of like-minded foodies, always delivers fresh and creative entrees, cooked and seasoned to perfection.

What we recommend: Hommous with Chicken: tender tips of chicken breast sauteed with cilantro, fresh garlic and a dash of lemon juice.

4. The Original Pita Stop

middle-eastern food
A Bham staple. (The Original Pita Stop / Facebook)

For over 40 years, The Original Pita Stop has called Birmingham home. Known for its Mediterranean and American cuisine, all vegetables and meats come from local farmer’s markets ensuring top-quality meals.

What we recommend: Kafta Kabob Plate: house specialty, Lebanese-style meatballs topped with melted provolone cheese.

5. Karam’s Restaurant

middle-eastern food
Egyptian Hawashi is my new fav meal. (Karam’s Restaurant / Facebook)

Although they are new to the Middle Eastern restaurant scene in Birmingham, this eatery brings the flavor! Karam’s also offers non-Middle-Eastern items like Philly Cheesesteaks. Trust me, it’s amazing.

What we recommend: Egyptian Hawashi Sandwiches: steak or chicken with mozzarella cheese, Mediterranean spices and baked pita.

6. The Olive Branch

middle-eastern food
All I need to the Mediterranean sea breeze to complete this meal. (The Olive Branch / Facebook)

This family-owned Mediterranean restaurant located in the suburbs of Vestavia Hills, has flavorful food, a beautiful outdoor patio and friendly service.

What we recommend: Gyro Deluxe: grilled slices of gyro meat topped with grilled bell peppers, grilled onions and feta cheese.

7. Falafel Café

middle-eastern food
So many options to choose from. (Falafel Café / Facebook)

Falafel Café is a build-your-own dish restaurant. You start with your choice of pita, plate or laffa (wraps) and a protein. Then, add as many toppings as you’d like. This is the perfect place for someone new to Middle Eastern cuisine.

What we recommend: Mujaddara Plate with Falafel: rice with lentils base with falafel and whatever toppings you enjoy.

If you want to learn more about Middle Eastern culture in Birmingham, check out Vulcan Park and Museum’s newest exhibit—Birmingham’s Early Middle Eastern Community: Celebrating Life and Liturgy. More info here


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